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To My Community Both Near and Far,

As always, things are changing. We know this. We learn over and over to embrace change, to roll with it, to allow it in and out at leisure.

At the end of last month, I closed my brick and mortar shop in Paradise. I intended to announce it earlier, but I was wrapped up in event planning and pop-up shops, and everything happened so fast.

To my lovely and loyal community of customers in Paradise, thank you. My endeavor as a shop owner on Skyway was rewarding and exciting, and sometimes I thought I might just settle down on that little ridge and own a shop forever. As it turns out, other things are calling to me. I built that shop at a time when I needed it. It gave me things and taught me things. I gave it some things, too, though I couldn’t quite give it everything it needed. Or rather, I didn’t want to. When I first landed in Paradise, it was a time of rebuilding and recovery. The shop was part of that. I’m really glad I opened that little store. Building a place where I could literally open my door to community and opportunity changed my life.

Now the tides of truth continue to pull at me, as they always do, and summer brought swift changes on its wings. I have done my best to surrender to it and get out of its way so that the river can flow as it needs to. When I listened carefully, I knew it was time to close the door. Freedom comes in many forms.

After nearly a decade of selling vintage, I’m finally shifting into writing more and more. This past year I’ve worked hard at it, and it’s been paying off. So now I’ll be writing a lot and working hard on creating a life full of ever-more creativity, love, and adventure. And I’ll be raising my baby, as I always do, (and who is nothing close to a baby anymore). The gradual shift from parenting a small child to a parenting a large child has been subtle yet profound. 

This is it. The story continues. Thank you to all of you who have found me and followed me; to you who read my stories and tell me how they make you feel; to those of you who have helped me and worked for me, and those of you who bought things from my tiny storefront. Thank you especially to those who have been following me since the beginning, since I first started my blog in Portland in a second-floor bedroom with creaky wooden floors while my toddler slept on my bed.

If you need anything written, email me and I can help you. Literally, anything. 

I will continue to chronicle my adventures, as I always do, on social media and online. (As usual, I will continue to have my hands and heart in various creative projects and collaborations to continue my pursuit of happiness). Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch. 

With love,
Sadie Rose

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  1. Good luck, Sadie. You'll do great, whatever you do.


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