It's Hot in Here - Skyline Fever, Great State Coffee, Sadiedeluxe and Mariamma Iris Photography

I know my past two blog entries have been about the heat, but when you live somewhere like this, it's all about the heat, all summer long. It's the kind of heat that hits you hard when you walk out the door, thick and alive, powerful and real. It's the kind of heat to which you can only surrender: your body takes on a new way of being, and the sweat is constant and real. I love how my inner-summer-animal is re-born each year, and living in such high temperatures changes the way I think, the way I move, the way I live out each day. 

A few weeks ago, when it was hot-but-not-this-hot, I got together with fab photog Mariamma and one of my fave local babe models (thanks ladies!) to do a quick photoshoot for some new products in my shop and for some Skyline Fever tee shirts. 

We got together on a Sunday at Great State Coffee Company (a local coffee-roasting company), who were kind enough to let us take over their facility for a few hours for the sake of fashion and photography. The result is no less than stunning. A lot of these photos will be showing up on the new Skyline Fever website soon, so keep an eye out. 

Skyline Fever is husband and wife team Laura and James Mazurek. Laura also has her own brand, Roots & Feathers and is the founder of The Bohemian Collective. I just released a new line of California Love Earrings on my website, as well as a new, limited-edition shibori tote from Brookyln, NY. 

Anyway, it's all been really fun and I'm trying to keep those creative juices flowing. You know how it is. 


Credits and Thanks:

photographer: Mariamma Iris
model: Aliza Gerstein
shirt: Skyline Fever
other wardrobe and fringe bags: Sadiedeluxe
earrings: Sadiedeluxe
location: Great State Coffee Company, Chico CA


  1. I adore you. And these photos are stunning!!

  2. Really beautiful photos! And those earrings are so very cute too!


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