I Miss You

Hey guys, I'm here again. I couldn't go away forever, I guess, and I got some special reminders of that lately -- so thank you to all who love me and you handful of ladies who have been reading this blog for years and years. It's such a trip to have this digital track record of how much I shift and change, but here it is. I'll appreciate it while it's still around, I guess.

Do you like my new blog header? I'm completely obsessed with my hand-carved stamp from Anne, and I've been using it on everything for my business. It's perfect. Sometimes the best things come from the simplest places. Thank you, Anne!

Here's what I've been up to, and I'll expand more soon:

  • Working on my shop, which is breathing and growing and teaching me things every day
  • Building a new online shop, a hefty project but I'm determined
  • Writing a lot, for Annapurna Living and The Bohemian Collective
  • Being in love
  • Learning new things
  • Remembering old things
  • Trying to be myself more and more each day and love myself for it

How about you?

Right now it's almost 1 am and I know I'll be kicking myself tomorrow for staying up so late, but oh well. I've had the best night of organizing, cleaning, cutting up old t-shirts, re-vamping my blog, and eating brownies in my underwear. I went to Lake Tahoe this weekend and rolled home today at 2 pm to 96 degrees at home. So I stripped down as soon as I could and indulged in the Sunday heat. It's been a real pleasure, I tell you. The heat is difficult if you have to get things done, but if you can be leisurely, it's really quite nice.

Tomorrow is Monday, though, and the last week of school for Asher. And then it's summer vacation. And time keeps moving on, no matter what. And so we might as well enjoy it and steep in the awe and wonder of being here at all.

More soon, I promise. Tell me what you're up to right now, now that it's June.



  1. You seem to be quite busy, even when you're not around on the blog. Good to hear from you though, once in a while.
    I love your new header. I am doing some web design/technical communication courses so I've been working a lot with logos, designs, etc. lately. It's becoming a sort of an obsession, so I started working on your header on whim, to make the text match the graphic more. Sorry. I'll send you an e-mail with what I've come up with, maybe you'll like it.
    Otherwise, we have a few more weeks of school over here, because of many snow storms this winter they had to extend school into the summer! Not too happy about that. I can't wait for the day when I don't have to pack lunches in the morning for a while!

  2. I'm so stoked you love it Sadie!
    xoxo Love to you xoxo


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