So Far

As I'm writing this, we are 13 days into 2015. So far I'm loving it. I spent the first couple days of the new year in Tahoe with my mom. It was cold and beautiful and we drank lots of tea and very boozy egg nog. Once we got home, school and work started almost immediately, and so Asher and I got back in the swing. I packed up the Christmas decorations, vacuumed the house, and wrote out my to-do lists. 

Last week, I published an article on Annapurna Living about my time at boarding school and the way the beauty norms ruled our teenage social systems. The same day, I posted at the Bohemian Collective about making your space look good and FEEL good without spending too much money. 

I took some pictures with a new model. 

I hiked out to Bald Rock with some friends for a photoshoot and a glorious sunset. 

I've been exercising a lot. I've been trying to be a more intelligent Tweeter. No more Etsy listing tweets. I also started using GoodReads on my phone. AMAZING!! Send me your recs, ladies.

I checked out a ton of books from the library; my goal is to revisit several classics in order to....well, I don't know. Revisit them, I guess. Honestly, I'm not that into classics (gasp!). We shall see how this adventure goes. 

My best friend from Portland came to visit for 3 days and we layed in bed, cooked food, played catch with Asher, and went shopping. It was amazing. 

This week is already halfway done, as is this month. Good things are afoot. I am excited for the unfolding of this year, the changes it will bring, and the fire building in my heart. 

How is your year going??

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  1. Sounds like a very good year so far!

    P.S. I enjoyed your interior decorating article a lot.


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