Rumi Zara's Birth

This is a story that I originally read on Facebook, written and posted by my friend Kadhi (who I blogged about a while ago, here) about the birth of her second child, Rumi Zara. I was incredibly moved by her well-written story, and it left me feeling like I wanted to have another baby asap! I asked her if we could post the story on my blog so that I could share it with mothers beyond Facebook, and she's shared it with me to post for all of you. Thank you to Kadhi for sharing these words and photos. 

(December 19, 2014)

In this very hour exactly one year ago Josh and I welcomed Rumi Zara into this world. The birth journey started a couple days earlier (on the anniversary of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi’s day of union with the beloved) with waves of contractions coming and going, gaining a gentle momentum, each wave preparing me for the crest of the next one to come. At exactly 6am on this day I awoke to a familiar sensation and instinctively ran to the bathroom to realize that my water had broken. With a smile, I called the midwife and my two dearests Kristina and Zoe to make their way over to the house. Rumi had begun her final descent.

The early hours passed at the house easily. My son Raphael played with our friends and I would occasionally surface from my bedroom to be with them, contractions and all. I made myself some tasty french toast and then returned to the bedroom to continue laboring as the waves deepened in intensity. With just my partner Josh, our midwife Amrit, and her assistant in the bedroom, I labored silently, passing through some of the most intense portals of my life, traveling deeper and deeper down this initiatory path. I repeated a couple of mantras to myself – to “simply open, simply allow,” and that "the only way out is through.” Those words helped me remained present in every rich moment. Chocolate was also helpful.

Deep in the timeless space of a heavy contraction I envisioned the energy it must have taken the universe to be birthed, and that this birth felt like a microcosm of the original big bang- carrying with it the same magnitude of exquisite profundity. My body shivers now just to relive this memory of grace and power.

Hours passed, more hours passed than we all thought should. We stood at the edge of doubt for a breath and turned our backs on it just as fast. I called to Rumi. I let her know we were ready, that I was tired, and that we wanted to hold her, smell her, love her up so badly. Slow, deliberate movements on the bedroom floor, turning this way and that as she passed through her own portal of intensity. I climbed up on my bed for the final hours as I was taken to the furthest limits of sensation imaginable, and then beyond those to the limits that are simply unimaginable. A woman’s body is an incredible thing. I became The Mother, primal, raw, beautiful and fierce, channeling the original energy of Creation itself.

Rumi was coming, and Josh’s hands reached out to meet her. A brave and trusting Papa, Josh was the first to hold her and place her on my chest. I became gratitude in that moment, breathing it, crying it, singing it, emanating it from the core of my being. Minutes later, her brother Raphael made his way into the room to meet her with curious eyes.  

I have never been more grateful in my life than I am as a mother. I owe this fortune to my children who are so generous with me.

It is such a gift to know Rumi, she is a joy above joy in my life. I feel blessed to be her guardian for this while, to listen to what she has to teach me, to nourish her roots so that in turn her fruit can nourish not only herself but all who meet her. 

Words and images (c) Kadhi Bo

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