Love, Granite, and Photograhps

I could blog one million times about Love: the endless forms in which it comes, the endless feelings it instills in all of us, the art that is born from it. Lately I've been swearing I will write more about love from the perspective of motherhood, and particularly, single motherhood. I will, you'll see. Soon there will be things to read about it. In the meantime, I have photos for you. I love photographs, the moments they capture, the emotions they recreate. Sometimes a photograph can evoke an emotion that no one in the actual photograph was even feeling.

A couple weeks ago, I went with a few friends out to Bald Rock to take photos. My girlfriend and I hauled out several pounds of clothing for the event, and two of our friends photographed us. We used an iPad as a mirror and set up camp on top of the big granite boulders. We brought a thermos full of chai tea, a little bit of makeup, and plenty of outfit changes. It ended up being invigorating and fun, and we got hundreds of great photos on top of it all. There's something about wrangling a crew of people together for a successful photoshoot that thrills me. It's one of my favorite ways to create art, and it's no easy task. When the elements all align and everyone is finally in that car on the way to the location and all the cameras are functioning and coffee is in hand....It's so satisfying. Inevitably it is also exhausting, but in that really good way.

I've selected quite a few photos to share with you here, but there are so many more I could post. It was hard to narrow it down. I'll probably do a follow up post when I get the photos from the second photographer. These were all taken by our friend Mike Edwards.

If you have never been to Bald Rock and you live in this area, you need to go. It's breathtaking and remarkable. Sunset at Bald Rock is nothing short of a religious experience, and if you decide to stay for it, make sure you bring flashlights as it gets dark fast and you want to be able to find your way back to your car.  

Here's to love, adventures, great views, pretty pictures, and running around barefoot on granite rocks.


Models: Sadie Rose Casey, Monica Prather
Wardrobe and Styling: Sadiedeluxe, BOHO
Photography: Mike Edwards

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  1. There is a purity and sweetness in your posts...the way you write with honesty and it makes me feel so thank you for sharing and for the sweet soul you have.


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