Sweet Summer Starlight, I See You in the Sky

Summer is slowly fading, and if you know my blog, you know that one of my most favorite things to write about is the changing of seasons. There is something about the between-seasons that makes me feel so alive and so connected to the earth. These times activate so many memories, recent, old, and ancient. 

Don't get me wrong -- it is still plenty hot here. In an odd turn of events, two different dogs have eaten both of my pairs of flip flops this week, and my poor feet are no where near ready for shoes all the time. It's still barefoot weather here. Barefoot or not, I do find myself contemplating favorite crock pot recipes and fantasizing about pumpkin pies. The mornings and nights are cooler than ever, and the light is fading much faster these days. Autumn is in the air, riding gracefully on the breezes and resting thoughtfully in the full moonlight. The children are in school and they are playing soccer, the first leaves are beginning to fall, and just yesterday an acorn fell from the tree and bounced off my patio right through my front door, landing in the middle of my rug: a gift!

I will miss the sweet days of summer, the poolside reveries, the mornings without clocks, and the nights of open doors and warm winds. But I know these days will be back soon enough: the older I get, the faster time flies, swiftly moving through cycles of days and routines, months and years. The seasons come and go as they will -- never unnoticed and always appreciated, fleeting though they may be. 

Autumn is always a time of so much change, I can only wonder what is in store for all of us. The deep shifting is inevitable. It is time to clean the cobwebs and rake the leaves; gather the root vegetables and store them so that they may sustain us when things get cold. 


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