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Dear ones,

In the swirl of summer, the days pass quickly and the many things I want to blog about stack up behind me: so many stories, trips, adventures, songs. C'est la vie! I am fascinated right now about the shift that the blogosphere has taken (for me, for many) over the past 2 years. The widespread use of mobile devices has truly changed it. Saying that makes me feel old; like I am part of something bygone. Oh! Because I am. Ha. To truly delve into that matter would take a long and somewhat techy-sounding post, so I'll skip it for now. 

Suffice it to say I have saved my life this summer (but isn't that what summer is for?!). By diving deep into the waters of fun and friends, roadtrips and daydreams, rooftops and sunrises, mountain lakes and mountain all of these things I feel renewed. Sometimes apparently we have to let go of what we believe anchors us to the ground. Sometimes in order to get more work done, we have to go off and have more fun.

Thank you, summer, for coming every year and bringing your particular magic. 

Some of you may know that I am now a contributing editor over at The Bohemian Collective blog. I will be blogging there 2-3 times per month, so check it out to read more pieces by me. If there is anything you'd like me to write about, please email me your ideas (sadiedeluxe [at] gmail). 

Today my second post went live; it's about the personal nature of our tattoos and how I believe we are not obliged to share the stories of our tattoos with anyone if we don't want to. Read it! I know most of you ladies have ink!!

I'm also having a major sale in my shop right now - 55% off nearly 60 items! There are some scores, stop by if you'd like. 

Sending you all many bright wishes of sweet summer magic; may your afternoons be sweet and restful and may your fruit be plentiful and ripe. 

(photo credit: Matt Sharkey)

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