Tunig in: Tuesday's Selection

Today I am cooking lots of food and doing lots of work (sort of). I am also watching the World Cup, so all things revolve around that. It is hot here. It is the kind of hot where one should only wear silk things and pretty underwear around the house. (If one goes out in the real world, she must still suffer the burden of real clothes).

This song by Warpaint won me over recently, for which I'm grateful. You see, Warpaint is a band that I always *want* to like, and then I just don't really like their music that much. But I think they are super radical babes and I wish I liked listening to them. Maybe live would be better? Anyway, I do love this song and you might like it, too.

Also, thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and congratulations to Bianca for winning!!!

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