Photo Series: Patio Lights and Summer Nights

The other night I went out with Suzanne; it was a glorious and hot summer night, and all the downtown patios were full of many, many loud people. Finally we found a small patio in the back of a wine bar that had, remarkably, no one in it. We sat down, drank wine, and ate salad and french fries. A true girls' date, indeed. It was so hot and humid on the little back porch, but there is something so satisfying about the heat of evenings in the summer...especially when you pair it with a glass of cold white wine.

Later, when the lights came on, Suzanne took a bunch of photos of me. This is the beauty of hanging out with like-minded photo-obsessed blogger babes: Photos all the time. 

I hope that many of you are enjoying hot summer nights in some fashion, wherever you may be. 

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  1. photos errday. you are oh-so-easy to take photos of, my pretty. <3


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