Love it anyway

"Sooner or later, you lose everything. Love it anyway."

This quote is from the twitter feed of my friend's father, and it struck me hard the moment I read it. Mostly because lately I've been thinking about exactly this. There are the endless clich├ęs that all more or less say: the only constant is change

But how true it is! And it is interesting how often, as humans, we seek stability, comfort, permanence. We find things (or people) and we give them meaning. In assigning this meaning, we are actually defining ourselves and giving meaning to our own life, our own being. This is not always conscious or intentional, but it happens. And then by giving this thing meaning, we give it significance, importance, w e i g h t.  

And then,

the things move on. We lose them. someone borrows them. they leave us. time happens, things shift, the tide changes once again.

I of course was thinking about this in regards to love. In my 32 years on the planet, I have loved so many people. Many of them have left. Or I have left. Sometimes I find them again and the love goes on. Some of them disappear, somehow, through the tiny cracks of space and time and I remember them only faintly, a light imprint on my heart. Sometimes I find people and all at once they mean so much to me, so many things, so many identities, dreams, desires, definitions. Sometimes I love immediately and hard; sometimes slowly and with caution. It is different every time. Similarly with the leaving, the losing. Sometimes it is abrupt and sudden, sometimes it is so slow that it is at first unnoticeable. 

But one thing I know for sure is that nothing stays forever as it is. 

Holding on to what we think we have is like grabbing a fistful of water: you open your hands and there is nothing left; you simply look at your open palms and wonder why you had them clenched so hard, for so long. 

The other thing I know for sure is this: Love it anyway.


Tuning in: MAGIC

No word needed for this most beautiful piece: 

 Enjoy thoroughly and often. 


Photo Series: Patio Lights and Summer Nights

The other night I went out with Suzanne; it was a glorious and hot summer night, and all the downtown patios were full of many, many loud people. Finally we found a small patio in the back of a wine bar that had, remarkably, no one in it. We sat down, drank wine, and ate salad and french fries. A true girls' date, indeed. It was so hot and humid on the little back porch, but there is something so satisfying about the heat of evenings in the summer...especially when you pair it with a glass of cold white wine.

Later, when the lights came on, Suzanne took a bunch of photos of me. This is the beauty of hanging out with like-minded photo-obsessed blogger babes: Photos all the time. 

I hope that many of you are enjoying hot summer nights in some fashion, wherever you may be. 


Tunig in: Tuesday's Selection

Today I am cooking lots of food and doing lots of work (sort of). I am also watching the World Cup, so all things revolve around that. It is hot here. It is the kind of hot where one should only wear silk things and pretty underwear around the house. (If one goes out in the real world, she must still suffer the burden of real clothes).

This song by Warpaint won me over recently, for which I'm grateful. You see, Warpaint is a band that I always *want* to like, and then I just don't really like their music that much. But I think they are super radical babes and I wish I liked listening to them. Maybe live would be better? Anyway, I do love this song and you might like it, too.

Also, thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and congratulations to Bianca for winning!!!