Handsome Ghost


This song!

I am feeling neutral about the video but THIS SONG is killing me. New favorite.

I'm not sure how many of you have made the leap over to Spotify (ilu Pandora), but Spotify is kind of blowing my mind. It is crazy brilliant amazing and I have been discovering so much new music. Plus I finally paid for it which makes it a million times better and I can get offline listening for when I'm in the car, etc. Asher, too, will sit for hours diving deep into musical oceans out from which he comes equipped with new artists and songs that he discovered for himself, music that he wants to listen to. It's really cute. 

Anyway you should listen to the whole EP on Spotify, there are only 4 songs.

So. In. Love. 

I guess I've really been feeling the musical posts lately. Thank you music for saying so many things when I cannot. 

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