The Many Adventures

Lately my world has been filled with California's finest: sleepy mornings and sunsets of orange and pink, rolling hills and deep valleys, the likes of which have inspired many paintings and many songs, endless declarations of love. 

I have been working at my shop and am grateful every single day for such a lovely workspace. To have a light-filled space to do my work, and to have doors flung open to welcome people (new and old) has been such a blessing. and oh, the things I'm learning! I will have to write a whole separate post on that sometime.

Asher has been visiting his dad a lot lately, which is wonderful, and it means a little extra driving in my life. However, living in the hills of Northern California, one drives a lot. It is something that is best when surrendered to. Last time I did the dad-drive, Suzanne came with me and we field-tripped at Ikea on the way home. Being the blogging, Instagramming nerds that we are, we took full advantage of the abundance of photo opportunities provided by such a place! Endless, I tell you what. We also took advantage of the meatballs and the cafeteria and the fact that I spent enough money to get us a free lunch. Boom. Gettin my money$ worth. For those of you who may care, Ikea has the cheapest wooden hangers, beating the prices of even the online wholesale suppliers. If you have a shop, this is good information. 

There have also been barbeques and porches, afternoon cocktails, morning watermelon slices, and late afternoon naps. I have been cleaning, as always, and doing what I can to keep the creative fires stoked and burning. Suffice it to say, life is good.

More soon, I promise.


  1. you're so beautiful. stop it. <3

  2. You sound busy, but happy busy. Well done. Looks like a good balance, and we all know how hard THAT is. Love to you mama.


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