The Art of Love: Installations by Jung Lee

Feeling so drawn to these art installations by Jung Lee. They are so sad and lovely and beautiful. 

 Found on Design Milk.


Pizza Friday

Loving the design work from this Portland team

See more of their work here

all images courtesy of Pizza Friday.

p.s. look how good you look


Oh Summer Bright and Sweet

The past few days here have been wicked hot -- the song of summer seeping in from every corner, underneath the doors, in through the window screens. I bought popsicles. I took off my shoes. I cursed the lack of air conditioning in my car, and stared critically in the mirror at the major driving tan on my left arm. Signs that you drive an 80s car: your left arm is hella tan. 

On Monday, I drove to Petaluma to pick Asher up from his dad's. Petaluma was crazy hot! I soothed myself in the cool halls of Whole Foods, and for old time's sake, I spent lots of money on very pretty food. It made me happy. I don't live in a town with a Whole Foods anymore, but when I did, I used to go there allll the time with my baby. I believe I've blogged about this before. Look at those flowers, right? Our little market here is dear to me, but there aren't any flowers like that. And don't get me started on the cheese. Or the olive bar. Despite the many hot hours in the car, I always love the picturesque vibes driving through Sonoma county. It's unreal. It's beautiful in a different way than where I live; there are rolling green hills and red barns and black and white cows. The towering Eucalyptus trees bend toward the road, and the smell reminds me of being a small child in Oakland, driving to the zoo. 


Still working at the shop and trying to be the best I can be every day at what I do. I'm trying to be innovative in everything. How can I be better? How can I change things so that they expand further, so that my heart lifts up with wings and soars out over the trees?

Perhaps you, too, consider these things. Though I am still young, I am old enough now to begin feeling the short duration of our years in these human lives.  The time is truly now to create what we want; I don't think I'll regret trying really really hard. 

The weekend is approaching quickly, and mine holds promises of more sunshine (though less heat) and beautiful visitors from the Northern realms. Food will be cooked and stories shared. These last few days of May seem already so fragile, shimmering in the heat like a mirage. Once they are gone we will plunge into June -- the last days of school, the first days of true Summer. And so it goes, these cycles that rule us, the seasons that encircle us always with their determination and truth. 

Many blessings to you and your babies in this time of warmth and joy. Soon let's compare what's on the tables at our farmer's markets, and let's speak of sparkling rivers and giant trees. 


p.s. If you did not hear via Instagram or Facebook, an adapted blog post of mine was published by Rebelle Society this week! Thank you to all my readers for inspiring me to write.


The Heart of Life

Have you heard this song before? It popped up on one of my Pandora stations the other day and I can't get over it. So beautiful. Do you think it's a break up song? Or just a song about sad things in general?

Dang, John Mayer, I didn't know I liked you. 


The Many Adventures

Lately my world has been filled with California's finest: sleepy mornings and sunsets of orange and pink, rolling hills and deep valleys, the likes of which have inspired many paintings and many songs, endless declarations of love. 

I have been working at my shop and am grateful every single day for such a lovely workspace. To have a light-filled space to do my work, and to have doors flung open to welcome people (new and old) has been such a blessing. and oh, the things I'm learning! I will have to write a whole separate post on that sometime.

Asher has been visiting his dad a lot lately, which is wonderful, and it means a little extra driving in my life. However, living in the hills of Northern California, one drives a lot. It is something that is best when surrendered to. Last time I did the dad-drive, Suzanne came with me and we field-tripped at Ikea on the way home. Being the blogging, Instagramming nerds that we are, we took full advantage of the abundance of photo opportunities provided by such a place! Endless, I tell you what. We also took advantage of the meatballs and the cafeteria and the fact that I spent enough money to get us a free lunch. Boom. Gettin my money$ worth. For those of you who may care, Ikea has the cheapest wooden hangers, beating the prices of even the online wholesale suppliers. If you have a shop, this is good information. 

There have also been barbeques and porches, afternoon cocktails, morning watermelon slices, and late afternoon naps. I have been cleaning, as always, and doing what I can to keep the creative fires stoked and burning. Suffice it to say, life is good.

More soon, I promise.