Grand Opening Photos

Dear friends,

Oh hi! I am still here, wrapped in the wondrous greatness of spring and other delights. in this moment, however, i am wrapped in the wondrous greatness of my blankets and i am still in bed. heaven. 

as promised, the photos from the Sadiedeluxe grand opening party have been posted! You can view the whole album here

 Many thanks to Jason Mackey who took all of these beautiful photographs.


The Unfolding

Still working on this space. Gathering my resources so that I can leap forth with readiness and clarity. Clarity is so valuable to me. It's what I want in all my endeavors and conversations. Thank you for your patience and love. 



These days are bright and warm, the mornings begin with the promise of happiness, and the afternoons settle in with breezy bliss. the doors remain open, the curtains aren't drawn until close to bedtime. I have swept the patio and made sure there are places for me to sit, to lay, to sleep in the sun. I have just finished a book of epic proportions, one so brilliant that lying in bed last night it was the book's story that played over and over in my head - a nice respite from my own. 

In every great story (I think), we are reminded that at the heart of it all is our search for love. I speak not of the characters in the book, but rather of myself, of women, of humans. In stories, I find fulfillment in the acknowledgement of love, and especially of its related magic.

There are so many things that take our breath away: the glittering gold of wealth, the shiny promise of beauty, the sugary sweetness of what-could-be. but ultimately it is love and its certain connection to the vast expanse of stars (the unknown) that is the most stunning. it is this that inspires so many tales, so many songs; so many journeys begin and end with this particular piece. it seems we come into this world, dropped from the starry mess all at once, and slowly (as life goes on and if we pay attention) we can gather up the pieces of stardust that belong in our blood.



As you can see, I am playing around with a new template and design for my blog. So please bear with me as I work on making it perfect. My hope is to revamp so that I can begin to shift the focus more onto things that are really important to me, in terms of writing.  These are: motherhood, womanhood, sexuality, and love. My work (the clothes, my shop) is important to me also, but that is what I have the other outlets (instagram) for. 

So this is a moment of evolution. Trapped in digital clothing. I am figuring it out. Sometimes it seems best to just abandon ship; yet this blog seems to be such a part of me now. So many years I have spent here, saying things to all of you -- any of you. I don't want to get stuck in any ruts, digital or not. Sometimes things demand upgrades, makeovers, and sometimes things must indeed get the proverbial boot. all i'm saying is that it's time to make a few changes. I have changed a lot since I first started this blog (2008!) so I want to make sure that everything is aligned.

thank you for your patience.

This photo is by the incredibly talented Shannon Rosan.


Sadiedeluxe Grand Opening video

So grateful to my friend Erin for putting together this sweet video of my Grand Opening party! Photos are still forthcoming, but please take a peek at this if you have a chance.


The Joy of Parenting

Can we talk for a minute about how much I love this little guy? Yes? Okay, thank you. 

The other day, Asher asked me if there was something I "always wished I could do."  My mind immediately jumbled, making me feel old and panicky as I tried to recall my dreams. I resorted to travel: "well, yes, I guess there are some places I have always wanted to travel..."

Then I asked him the same question. He paused and took a breath. "I just wish I could always say exactly what I feel without hurting people's feelings."

Dang. Lil homie really hits it home sometimes with his child-capacity for love and truth. I told him that was awesome and that he can always say what he feels, even if it does offend people. It's okay to sometimes offend people if you are saying the truth, I told him. He took another breath: "okay, well can I tell you something I've been thinking about you?"

I told him of course he can. "Well, you really need to cut your hair.  When I lay in bed with you I don't like how it gets on my face."


Three cheers for the little ones, for their deep capacity to see clearly, for their ability to be unburdened by that which we "grown-ups" would deem as important, and for their powerful roles as tiny reminders of the grand possibility of love and life. 


Kitty Glitter Earrings

Here are some new earrings I've been working on! Super silly but undeniably fun (in my humble opinion). 

email me if you'd like a pair! (email is on the sidebar)