Word on the street is that spring is in the air. what what! is it in the air at your house? i realized that it's actually not quite in the air at my house, specifically, due to all the shade from the pine and oak trees, but every time I leave my house, i find that it is indeed in the air. let this be a reminder to myself to leave the house daily. 

and really, i'm exaggerating a bit. spring is on my doorstep, but only just. it was still dark and rainy last week, and suddenly, with the sunshine returning and the time change, i noticed myself having some resistance to the new phase. it's been interesting. the older i get, the more i hate the daylight savings stuff. i feel like it really affects my groove, man. 

but i'll get used to it. c'est la vie. lately i've been working a lot! this is good. lots of projects, collaborations, ideas, and executions.

 coffee/work date with Suzanne. coffee/work is code for "talk a lot, drink tea, and take photos."
she let me try on her dad's glasses.

i've been making more gold-dipped feathers. 
 i wore them in my hair for a recent photoshoot (will share photos soon), but then i've been turning them into something radical that i will tell you about when it's finished.

 went to Nevada City to work with Leora on a photoshoot for Gather. Success.

Happy Spring time! Hope it's bringing lots of laughter and inspiration and light into those sleepy winter corners where we've all been hiding. 



  1. we're having our third winter here. or maybe it's the fourth? it's sort of like breakfast, and second breakfast, and elevenses except it sucks ass.

    1. ugh, i've heard it's terrible back there! wishing you soon-coming spring vibes and sunshiny mornings.


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