Last night

I just wanted to let everyone know that the grand opening last night was wonderful!

 Everything looked lovely and perfect, the music was great, and i felt busy and bustling the whole night. i got to see lots of faces i love (and lots of new faces), and it was such a happy evening. i was surprised by several people bringing me gifts, which warmed my heart. additionally, lots of my favorite pieces moved on to their new homes -- the best. i love seeing people try on stuff that i love. 

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out. To all my friends and family far away, thank you for supporting me in the ways that you do. 

Oh! The other good news is that an amazing photographer came to the event and spent hours capturing the magic. this was a pleasant surprise and i owe it all to Suzanne. i can't wait to share the photos with you all, once i see them. as many of you know, it's so hard to get good photographs when you are hosting an event, so i feel so much gratitude to Jason for being there. 

And while I'm at it, I also want to give some gratitude shout outs:

First, to Karoline for helping me get everything gorgeous and for being the ultimate hostess buddy. What a gem. Big thank-yous also to Michael, Adam and Franklin for hauling in all that massive DJ gear and for making sure the tunes were big and beautiful all night long; it pretty much made the party. Thank you to Claire, Summer and Suzanne for providing so much shining love and light and for taking the time to come be a part of the event; such a pleasure. And of course, thank you to all of my loved ones who came out and spent time at the event. It would not have been the same without you. 

I'll leave you with a single photo I took this morning while cleaning up the aftermath. More photos soon.



Today is my grand opening! 
Wish you were all here. X


Gather Jewelry - Spring/Summer Collection 2014

I am so thrilled to have styled and shot the lookbook for the Gather Jewelry Spring/Summer 2014 collection. If you are not yet familiar with Gather Jewelry, don't hesitate to go discover the magic. Handmade in our own corner of Northern California, the Gather Jewelry line is beloved by many and is sure to win many more hearts as time goes on. It is always a pleasure to work with Leora. 

You can also see these photos (and other Gather Jewelry eye-candy) on Facebook, or on the Gather Jewelry website. Many of these pieces are available online, and Gather also retails at several stores across the country.


Over time

Over time, so many things change. each day so much seems the same, and yet the months trail behind us as proof that the days accumulate in constant shift. not that i am complaining. while i fear change in many ways, i also fear the absence of change. there are certain things in my life that i don't want to change, certain things by which i gauge my security, my safety, my sense of self. it is uncomfortable when those things change. 

and then, there are certain things where the thought of change is exhilarating. certain channels are ones that we always want to keep open to change, to the possibility of transformation. 

though really i suppose everything is equally susceptible to change, right? or is resistance effective? and when we try to catalyze change, does change come faster?

today we went on a hike with Asher's school. we go every year, on the equinox. there is nothing quite like a yearly tradition to help one reflect on change. 

Further, there is nothing like a class of kids going to school together for years and years to make you reflect on change. these kids are so big now! the first year we did the hike, all the kids ran together in a pack of tiny people, varying ages and genders notwithstanding. 

now they are old enough so that they have divided into two separate clans - the boys and the girls. the boys stay as far from the main group as possible, muttering swear words, chasing rattlesnakes. the girls stay together in a loose, pink-clothed blob. they often sigh with boredom. the oldest ones change into (pink) bathing suits at the creek to swim, but no one ever gets wet.

ahh, the politics of growing older.

 a few things haven't changed: i was late, again, to the hike, arriving just as the group was heading out (after a potluck breakfast). there are still newts in the creek and cows on the hill. the wildflowers are still rampant and beautiful.

these photos don't really go with this post, but this post kind of took on a different shape than i originally intended. these are all old photos that i pulled out of the archives last night, and so i thought to reflect on change. i started the post late last night, and now, after the hike, the post is about a hike that is not pictured here. so you'll just have to imagine the oak trees, the grass, the mama cows and babies, the california poppies, the big rocks. have you ever heard of Table Mountain? to get there, we drive past an old ghost town from the mining days, called Cherokee. Cherokee comes (of course) with its own fascinating history. So many riches promised to so many people. 

But now, satiated with sun and springtime, I'm happy to have written this post at all. what a wonderful way to end the week, to sail off into the beloved weekend. i am going now to take an afternoon bath and brush my hair in the sun. pretty much the best things ever. 

happy springtime to all of you. i hope you are experiencing some sunshine, or at least another ritual of renewal, in whatever form it comes.


SADIEDELUXE grand opening

I am so excited to announce that I will be officially opening my doors to the public at the end of the month. I'll be starting things off with a grand opening party on Sunday, March 30. I hope all you locals can come by! 

I will be featuring some of my most favorite local jewelry designers, and Suzanne will have a rack of vintage there as well. plus some local boys will be DJing some sweet music, and i think it's just going to be an altogether lovely night. 

The collage on this flyer is a custom art collage done for me by my friend Korina Langevin, and it also appears on my new business cards and my hangtags.


the many ways

just a little lovey inspiration from my love pinboard. here's to hoping we can all start our monday feeling well-rested, well-loved, and excited for what's in store.




Word on the street is that spring is in the air. what what! is it in the air at your house? i realized that it's actually not quite in the air at my house, specifically, due to all the shade from the pine and oak trees, but every time I leave my house, i find that it is indeed in the air. let this be a reminder to myself to leave the house daily. 

and really, i'm exaggerating a bit. spring is on my doorstep, but only just. it was still dark and rainy last week, and suddenly, with the sunshine returning and the time change, i noticed myself having some resistance to the new phase. it's been interesting. the older i get, the more i hate the daylight savings stuff. i feel like it really affects my groove, man. 

but i'll get used to it. c'est la vie. lately i've been working a lot! this is good. lots of projects, collaborations, ideas, and executions.

 coffee/work date with Suzanne. coffee/work is code for "talk a lot, drink tea, and take photos."
she let me try on her dad's glasses.

i've been making more gold-dipped feathers. 
 i wore them in my hair for a recent photoshoot (will share photos soon), but then i've been turning them into something radical that i will tell you about when it's finished.

 went to Nevada City to work with Leora on a photoshoot for Gather. Success.

Happy Spring time! Hope it's bringing lots of laughter and inspiration and light into those sleepy winter corners where we've all been hiding. 



Some thoughts on style

I just passed my 4-years-in-California mark at the beginning of this year. It seems like it's been longer than that. And at the same time, I still catch myself saying "oh, I just moved here." Not true. I'm officially kinda "from here" now. In the sense that I've been here long enough that I've planted some roots and they're only getting deeper.

Frieda Khalo (source)

When I first moved here (to Chico, more specifically), I was (relatively) urban. I had been living in Portland for 5 years. I wore my baby on my hip and wore a miniskirt at the same time. I shopped at Whole Foods almost daily, as it was a stone's throw from my house (and what the hell else are you gonna do when you're at home with a toddler all the time? Bonus! the library was right next door). I was barely 27, and at the time I had been deeply immersed in the Portland 20-somethings culture, which involved a lot of hipster fashion, hipster art, and other general hipster activities and institutions. Our days in nature meant walking to the nearest park (Portland has parks a-plenty) and laying in the grass and eating lots of food (probably from Whole Foods, or from New Seasons). Occasionally, we would go big and drive 45 minutes to the river, which was usually lined with lots of other city folk, and also lined with lots of garbage. 

My point is this: when I moved to Chico, I felt determined to bring the big city with me. I would wow this small town with fashion and style, I would bring a big perspective to the narrow streets. I would be marvelous, and it would be fun. 

One of my very first weeks here, I knew hardly anyone, but in a small town, that's enough. At a thrift store, I ran into one of my new acquaintances; I was wearing my boots (always), a bomber jacket, and my navy blue shiny spandex leggings from American Apparel. You know the ones, right? At the time, they were all the rage in Portland. They year before, they had been cutting edge, seen only on a couple very hip girls out on the town. They hadn't even hit the big time yet. In LA, they probably had. In Portland, no. 

So anyway, I was at this small town thrift store in my shiny leggings, and the new-friend-acquaintance saw me and threw back her head, barking a laugh. Those are hilarious! She yelped. I scowled. Why? I asked. Well, they're just so....shiny! she grinned, turning back to the racks. 

I bristled, then softened, then sighed. We're not in Kansas, anymore, I thought to myself. Perhaps my fashion statements here would not inspire transformation, but instead they'd confuse people. Perhaps a fashion statement is not a fashion statement when it's taken out of context. Style is style, no matter where you are. We all have our own personal styles, and each community has it's general style, certain rules and norms that infiltrate the masses, regardless of how large or small that community is, but what style and edginess are in one place, they can be something completely different in another. And this begged more questions: is my style personal, or is it canned? Am I repping my style because it's me, or because it makes people look at me?

Sisters Shannyn Sossamon and Jenny Lindberg, photo by Mia Kirby (source)
 These questions were not answered in that moment at the thrift store. They still come up for me, and for anyone who gives a flying fuck about what they wear. This is one aspect of why I am a stylist and why I am so fascinated with clothing -- style is deep. It is not just what is on the outside, it is an external function of our deepest secrets, it is a public display of our belief system. It is an intricate network of expression that co-operates with our surrounding energies -- people, places, structures, and policies. Style expresses who we have been and who we hope to become, it gives hints about who we are today, what parts of us are hurt, what parts are radiant, what parts we love the most. 

Mara Hruby, via Style Like U

Sometimes style can be affected by external sources and energies. Often, we can adopt a style that is not authentic to ourselves but it makes us feel like we are part of something, like we belong. Sometimes, too, style can even have too much inward expression forced outward. Like Miley and her vagina flaunting: some secrets are better when kept a secret. Wear your heart on your sleeve if you must, but don't tear it open and let it bleed for the world to see. Be centered. Own your spirit, own your style; those who see you clearly and who are attracted to your true style will be people who, for whatever reason, are destined to cross your path, if even for a moment.



Last month, on a very cold and rainy night, many of us rallied, put on cute outfits, and went to the Boho Grand Reopening, an event I mentioned earlier because it featured several pieces of my work - some harnesses, dreamcatchers, and bags. Local favorite Melanie MacTavish was rocking the photobooth, and Suzanne and I (obvs) struck a (okay, several) pose(s).

I think my favorite part of my outfit was my red fingernails, something i never do, but man is it fun when i finally do it. even though it only lasts for a night, it feels so delightfully girly.


New Projects

This past month I helped two lovely local ladies create business cards that can double as earring cards for their jewelry designs. This was a definite learning experience for me and I won't deny that many tutorials were watched. But the end result is something I really like, and now I have more skills under my belt - something that is always appreciated, right? 

let me know if any of you ladies out there want any help designing cards, it's been really fun and I love the process of moving from vision to reality!