The other day I found this awesome pink and grey super-soft sweatshirt (faux t-shirt, yes) at a local shop, and had to buy it. something about the color combination, the ancient softness, and the fact that it says "Porsha" really does it for me. I have a feeling it will end up in the shop eventually, but I'm going to get a few good wears out of it first. 

It's starting to get really cold here again. The other evening when we were taking these photos, it was actually freezing and Asher was devouring a milkshake because sugar trumps all temperature concerns. There was also a bizarre plume of smoke rising up behind us and then we heard sirens. It was an interesting moment. 

It's been about ten thousand years since my last outfit post, and I bet in the last one I did I'm wearing these boots and these earrings. These boots are the shit. I love them so much and when I put them on my feet it's like crawling into a freshly made bed. For real. There is another pair of them in my shop right now in a slightly different color and it will take you a good long time of wearing them to break them in until they are your own freshly-made-bed boots and it will be worth it. man, are these some good boots. This pair has been with me for 8 years, and I've re-heeled them once.

My earrings are by KadhiBo (who recently had a baby girl! and so hasn't been posting much jewelry), the leggings are from F21 (at the beginning of winter I admittedly buy a large pile of leggings from F21 each year. I wear the hell out of them and have not regretted it for a moment). and the shorts I thrifted. and i won't even tell you what brand they are. because it has something to do with Miley Cyrus. (but they fit so well over my leggings!)

Most importantly, this outfit is hella comfy and I can do all my stuff (you know, mom stuff, work stuff, errand stuff) quite easily in this get up. 

Bonus question: if this awesome sweatshirt brings back any 80s memory gems for you, please share in the comments!


  1. Too cute! Love it! It's hella cold here too and I'm loving it, but it makes life a little hard when it's not warm. Cold was easier to handle in the Northern Lands.

    Ps. Sitting on the bed typing wearing a coat you gave Charlie ;)

  2. Hey gorgeous, it's hot here, so I cannot even fathom leggings right now. But your outfit is "the shit".
    Being able to do mom stuff in clothes is a priority for me too. Which for me translates to "must be able to bend over freely without underwear in the air" and "must be able to squat on command" and other such lovelies as "high kick", "be spilled upon" and "move quickly". high five mama. xo


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