Winter Picnic Photo Editorial (Part I)

Last month, I mentioned that I had worked with local photographer Shannon Iris to produce a Winter Picnic photo editorial, and I posted a couple sneak preview shots. Shannon edited and tuned up the photos faster than I would have thought possible, especially with the holidays all up in our business right after the shoot. Last week she sent me the final shots, and this week, I'm sharing them with all of you! this is a small selection of the multitude of gorgeous pictures we got. As I always say, narrowing it down is one of the hardest parts of creating any lookbook or editorial.

This photoshoot was dreamed into reality over a tea date I had with Shannon not so long ago. Shannon possesses a fierce commitment to productivity, and so within only moments of the seed being planted for this shoot, the wheels were already turning and elements were being put into place. I have to say that there is something so amazing about women who can just get. it. done

I'm so happy to have worked with this crew of ladies. Many thanks to my models, Suzanne and Erin, who brought extra beauty and brilliance to the shoot. Suzanne hosted all of us at her house, made us tea, and let me raid her closet for extra clothes to put in the shoot. Shannon did our hair (I'm telling you, these ladies are multi-talented), and we set off into the orchards and vineyard outside Suzanne's door to take the pictures. BTW, I just noticed that Suzanne has a totally gorgeous behind-the-scenes post from the shoot on her blog, here

Cheers to friends and food, winter sunlight, warm tea, and gathering with friends in all seasons. 

If you want to see more of the photos (there are so many more!), please visit Shannon's blog post here, and stay tuned at The House of Milk for more this week.

Thanks again to all you ladies who helped to make this happen. 


  1. This shoot is amazing! Love the vibe and gorgeous ladies, frocks and setting. Keeping skype open while I work today. Love

  2. The setting, the clothes, the hair! It's all where I want to be right now. Which is a good thing right? To make people want to be in those photos. Well done ladies. xo

  3. Oh my gosh I just realized that blue dress has bikes on it!!!!

  4. LOVE these! man you girls are gorgeous. That middle leather jacket with the puffy collar... IM SO IN LOVE WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So fun! These photos are beautiful and evoke such an essence of winter!


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