throwback/summer winds

wow you guys. this weather is crazy, huh? i'm mostly speaking to my California co-horts, those of us in the land of early spring and dry winter heat. i will spare us the worried conversations on water and fire. i will also spare us the discussions of drought and of the fleeting winter that left us wanting more. instead, i have decided to embrace spring, since it's here, right now. the flowers are blooming and the weather is too warm for boots, my toenails need desperately to be painted now that they can show their faces to the sun. though of course i feel the concern and prayers for rain fill my heart, i feel also that to resist the course right now would be too draining. here we are. and it is warm. 

you know what else this makes me think of? how there's the old cliché of how boring it is when people talk about the weather. oh, we just talked about the weather. but really, wtf else are we going to talk about first? who doesn't want to talk about the weather?? the weather is our everything. it is the container that we live in, the real sense of nature at large. it rules us - our emotions, our food, our daily plans. talking about the weather is the way that we humans, in this day and age of technology, can reconnect with the source. it is a universal religion that isn't tainted with politics and history. the weather is a central part of our every moment, and it is the one thing that we all have in common to discuss. 

that being said, all this warm weather has me thinking about warm-weather things, and i've been waiting for an excuse to post these behind-the-scenes photos from a photoshoot i did last summer with Claire Fong and Melanie MacTavish. Melanie recently sent me these and I'm excited to share them. the photoshoot was in July, on a day it was so hot that we had to keep wiping sweat from the model's face.

it was a wonderful day. 

wishing all of you sunshine and rain, enough water and food for your families, and enough rest for your hearts.


  1. love the bit about the weather being our connection to source. and love this photo of your red romper!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love these shots and I love what you're wearing. You're such a hottie! "Speaking out is for lovers" the best...

  3. thank you sweet ladies! the shirt actually says "sneaking out is for lovers." so cute. XO

  4. Hhahahah! You just gave me an idea for your package. Also, monday, or tuesday day Skype?


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