The new space

Guess what?! sadieDeluxe has a new studio and shop space that will also be open to the public (by appointment and during select business hours)! I am very excited about this new (ad)venture, and I've spent the past week and a half cleaning and painting the new space. Today I'm planning on moving all my inventory in and finally getting it set up. I would have done that yesterday, but then it rained (yay) and Asher got sick (boo), so we stayed in and watched movies most of the day. 

I wanted to write this blog post so that everyone can know what's going on and be included on this completely new journey for me. After a friend encouraged me to seek a space for my work, I got excited and started checking out my options. This space was available, it's in a great spot, and it has TONS of light. I will be setting up a photo studio within the space, as well as a spot that I can do my computer work when needed. I'm very excited to be able to work outside of my home! I love my house, but I'm sure many of you know how stir-crazy it can get when you do everything at home all the time. 

Paradise is certainly not a large hub of retail or fashion...or anything, really. Nevertheless, it's my home, and I'm excited to try something new here. and I am beyond excited to have a photo studio (though my storage unit days have not been unpleasant).

Here are a few photos so far of the process. Thank you to my model Karoline who helped me paint! I had to do three coats since I was painting it white. Whew.

if you are local, stop by if you are ever in the area! the shop is at 6190 Skyway in Paradise. I will also have my photo studio set up and it will be available for other people to use as well - we can discuss rates and fees privately if you are interested in this. As this project evolves, I'm sure there will be much more to show and tell - if you know me, you know I am always dreaming up ways to collaborate and inspire, so this project is no different.

I will keep you posted. 


  1. Meow! Beyond excited for you! This is gonna be rad! <3 Glad it rained, bummer for Asher.

  2. congratulations Sadie! That is so awesome to see things come to fruition, shine on girl! xo

  3. Greetings Dearest Sadie!
    I've been feeling you on my Peruvian adventure and when I signed on to see how you're doing, saw this exciting news :) Soul happy for you on this new endeavor!!! When I return I'd love to connect and see your new space, your precious home, have tea and giggle...



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