Fare thee well, 2013

I'm a little late on the New Year post, but that's only because i have been in serious vacation mode with Asher. lots of laying around and forgetting what day it is, lots of movies and tea, lots of resting. 

I love new year's posts. i love seeing what everyone has to say about the past year, or the year that lies ahead, and i love seeing the tributes that some people come up with. my very favorite post this year is by Amy at Wildfell Hall. go read it! it's actually what finally inspired me to actually make a new year post. 

like so many of you, 2013 was no joke for me. some major shit went down last year, and it was a lot of work. highly demanding. a lot of emotional resources were used, discovered, depleted, re-filled. i learned so much about myself last year. i got older. i know that happens every year, but in 2013 i turned 31 and officially pushed forth into my "30s," making even 29 seem so long ago.

in 2014, i'm excited to be really awesome and experience love and joy in everything! Right???? oh yeah and make lots of money and laugh a lot. with a few good cries, of course, and a couple good  vacations, too.

for my New Year's post, here is a retrospective of some (not nearly all) of my favorite photos and moments I blogged throughout the year last year. Thanks to all who have been reading and looking and loving for so long. 

Hannah in the light, January 2013

Hannah catching the sun, January 2013
me, captured by Hannah, January 2013

Kauai, February 2013

Hindu temple, Kauai, February 2013

Homemade chocolates, March 2013

Epic photoshoot team in SF, April 2013

Asher, May 2013

Bald Rock, May 2013

Claire at the creek, June 2013

Roses, July 2013

Oregon, August 2013

Food, September/October 2013


  1. a beautiful year. it seems like the most difficult are, or is it just me?

  2. i too turned 31 in 2013 and felt myself pushed to the test of what it means to come into my own as a woman. i became a homeowner, i fell in love for the first time in almost a decade, i began playing the uke and writing my own songs, along with mothering small boy and life in general. i feel excited for 2014 to continue to nourish the little seeds that have been planted. here's to being women in our 30s!

  3. Sadie, it's so funny how wonderful your thirties really are, I know we probably talked of this already, but damn if they aren't just your best years so far, eh? I certainly feel way more into my own in this decade. 2013 really was such an intense year, and you went through a lot. I have a feeling that this is going to be a big, good, expansive time, a year of health and wealth. Pretty excited, especially for a certain spring visit.

  4. Ah I love this post. I'm so glad this year is looking brighter, for all of us! I have to tell you the 40s are also wonderful, I was sad to see my 30s go at the time but we get so much more comfortable with ourselves as the years go on! Lots of love to you and your precious and handsome wee man xxx


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