Winter Picnic Preview

On Tuesday this week I teamed up with local photographer Shannon Iris to make some photographic magic. We came up with a Winter Picnic concept, and went out to Gale Vineyards to make it happen. My friend Suzanne lives out near the vineyard, and so we used her sweet little house as a staging area for the many piles of clothes that I brought.

So far Shannon has posted a few sneak peeks on her Facebook page, so I wanted to share them here. I'll post the full editorial after the holiday! Many thanks to my models Suzanne and Erin, and also to Suzanne for letting us use her house and space for the shoot; and of course, thank you to Shannon for her vision, hair-styling skills, and gorgeous photography. 

Shannon also snapped this super-cute photo of us hauling all the clothes back to Suzanne's house after the shoot:

In other news, the weather warmed up here after a magical, snowy cold snap, and now I can go outside again without tromping through ice. this makes a lot of things easier, although I have to say I'm grateful for the particular winter spirit that the cold snap brought for that week. Asher wraps up school this week and then he goes to his dad's house for Christmas. I can't believe it! First Christmas ever without my little guy. 

I also started a facebook page for sadiedeluxe, if you are interested....and tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway with Nicole! thanks everyone who has commented so far.


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