Treasures and distant dreams (and giveaway winner)

Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway. I love all you ladies so much and it's such an honor to be part of this radical babe blogging community. The lucky winner of the earrings, medicine bag and dreamcatcher is comment number 9, Sarah. Congratulations, Sarah! Please email me (email is on the sidebar) so we can work out the details and logistics of shipping you your goods. And thank you, Nicole, for making the magic happen with me!

wishing each of you nights of polar-bear-star dreams and pirate ship slumber. cheers to the season of dawning light, farewell to the beloved season of darkness. i've been grateful for the cold, the heaviness, the darkness, the snow. it's been useful to me. and now, though we label the solstice as the first day of winter, it seems like something else to me: it is the thawing, the awakening of seeds, the dawning of the dusk, the return of dawn. it is the beginning.

and so it goes, beginning again.

art: 'Bears Star' by Galla Yegorenkova.

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  1. Too exciting, thanks Sadie! Have emailed you xs


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