the many faces

Series of me: by Asher.

I'm wearing my newest beaded earrings by the luminous bead lady, Kyra of WeaveGold. Treat yourself, girls! I feel like I speak of her often, but I just can't recommend her enough. Super special treasures, and she will make you a custom order designed specifically to your wishes and your unique spirit. 

Asher took these photos yesterday at the gas station on our way home from school. I had to beg a little bit...but he always pulls through after a little bit of eye-rolling. Not bad, right? I wanted specifically to capture my new earrings, but the afternoon winter light was so pretty and Asher's angle ended up looking kind of cool.

do you have a favorite? ALSO stay tuned because I have a very exciting giveaway in store. I'm collaborating with an old friend and it will revive some memories for all of us and also brighten this already-bright season a little bit more.


  1. You so purty! I like the 2nd to last one. Next time we talk, I'm gonna try to have a camera on, it was so nice to actually see you, nerd glasses and lounge-wear-date?

  2. ps. off to list more stuff on etsy. aren't you proud of me ;P

  3. Love that pretty smile of yours. The earrings are beautiful, too!


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