Recently I'd been feeling frustrated with my to-do list: it was always looking messy, sometimes it was crumpled up in my purse, or (worse) it was left at home. For some time now, I had been craving a large wall space for to-do lists and planning, and since I live in a very tiny house, there is not much wall space that seems fitting for such a thing. But! An idea dawned. I borrowed some chalkboard paint from the neighbors and painted my closet door. The closet door is central to my living space but isn't obstructed by furniture. 

It's been about a week so far and I'm loving it. 


Please share any of your own DIY-for-sanity ideas that you've implemented. I'm so interested. Life is  tricky sometimes - the simplest things can make such a difference.


  1. I too live in tiny space, and painted the back of my door with chalkboard paint! I love it. It is true what you say about the simple things making a difference. Like a single electric light ran with an extension cord in my case this week!

  2. We used to have a chalkboard list spot in our bathroom, but I'm hoping to hang one on the pantry door, mostly, honestly for groceries, you know, when it's out write it down kinda thing. I love your use of space here, making most of a little corner that was otherwise just sitting there. Chalkboard's magic stuff, eh?


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