Poetry adventures


the oldest story

in december
you came to me
you drove north along the coast
your truck was old
and tired

at the cliffs the world was
wet and grey
lines blurred
between earth and sky

the mist dominated
covered your windows
you blasted the heat to
keep it from your skin
away from your heart

at my doorstep
i felt (the mist) on your coat
suspended on the fibers
seeping into the wool

you took your boots off
and came in
the heat from the fire
swallowed the dampness

i gave you food


this poem is fictional, but it is inspired by real-life emotions and other-life memories. this is what i love about poetry: how we can bring together the universal emotions, the personal emotions, the specific emotion of a time and place, the i-wish-i-knew-that-emotion of love affairs not-yet-realized, and weave them all together to create a sliver of memory, real enough that it can be contained in words.

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  1. LOVE. your descriptions remind me of Mary Oliver.

    1. what a compliment! XOX loving you poetic sista

  2. "i gave you food" yes. more poetry please!


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