Parcel season

December is upon us and with it the promise of snowflakes, glitter, packages and parcels. Despite what we could all say about the consumerist nature of the Christmas holiday, I love it anyway. I love December and it's biting winds, the rosy cheeks of children, the simmering soups and bottomless cups of hot tea. I love digging out my small bag of Christmas decorations and creating a corner for a tree, no matter how small or big it might be. I love how much we all rest: the weeks of school vacation, the darkness of the days, the arrival of the storms. Hallelujah for the season of sleeping and snuggles, the season of cookies and spice, of fire and light. 

Asher and I have already made our first batch of holiday cards and I'm hoping to do round two this week. And I'm having a half-off sale in my shop this week, and over the weekend I had the best time wrapping up items that sold. Feeling really happy to send these beautiful things off to various corners of the world and very happy to be selling some things as winter descends (thanks, everyone). 

What about you? Have you made Christmas cards yet, or do you plan to? I certainly don't do it every year but I'm always grateful when inspiration/timing/motivation all align and it actually happens. Into what cozy winter traditions do you dive deep in December??

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  1. Did you send me your addy? If not, pls do. Maybe there's a holiday package in it for you ;)


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