Treasures and distant dreams (and giveaway winner)

Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway. I love all you ladies so much and it's such an honor to be part of this radical babe blogging community. The lucky winner of the earrings, medicine bag and dreamcatcher is comment number 9, Sarah. Congratulations, Sarah! Please email me (email is on the sidebar) so we can work out the details and logistics of shipping you your goods. And thank you, Nicole, for making the magic happen with me!

wishing each of you nights of polar-bear-star dreams and pirate ship slumber. cheers to the season of dawning light, farewell to the beloved season of darkness. i've been grateful for the cold, the heaviness, the darkness, the snow. it's been useful to me. and now, though we label the solstice as the first day of winter, it seems like something else to me: it is the thawing, the awakening of seeds, the dawning of the dusk, the return of dawn. it is the beginning.

and so it goes, beginning again.

art: 'Bears Star' by Galla Yegorenkova.



Happy Solstice, everyone!

just wanted to pop in real quick and say the giveaway has closed, and i'll announce the winner tomorrow. may your dark nights be blessed as the light returns. what an exciting moment this is. 

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Winter Picnic Preview

On Tuesday this week I teamed up with local photographer Shannon Iris to make some photographic magic. We came up with a Winter Picnic concept, and went out to Gale Vineyards to make it happen. My friend Suzanne lives out near the vineyard, and so we used her sweet little house as a staging area for the many piles of clothes that I brought.

So far Shannon has posted a few sneak peeks on her Facebook page, so I wanted to share them here. I'll post the full editorial after the holiday! Many thanks to my models Suzanne and Erin, and also to Suzanne for letting us use her house and space for the shoot; and of course, thank you to Shannon for her vision, hair-styling skills, and gorgeous photography. 

Shannon also snapped this super-cute photo of us hauling all the clothes back to Suzanne's house after the shoot:

In other news, the weather warmed up here after a magical, snowy cold snap, and now I can go outside again without tromping through ice. this makes a lot of things easier, although I have to say I'm grateful for the particular winter spirit that the cold snap brought for that week. Asher wraps up school this week and then he goes to his dad's house for Christmas. I can't believe it! First Christmas ever without my little guy. 

I also started a facebook page for sadiedeluxe, if you are interested....and tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway with Nicole! thanks everyone who has commented so far.


A Solstice Giveaway

You guys! I am so excited to announce that Nicole and I are resurrecting our joint giveaway tradition. Some of you who have been around for a while might remember a couple of these collaborations from many years ago. 

To celebrate the season, the solstice, and the general thrill of crafty sisterhood, Nicole and I decided to give away a couple of handmade treasures to a lucky reader. (We love all of you equally, though). Entering the giveaway is super simple: Leave a comment in this thread. You can also share on one of your social medias and then get an extra entry if you'd like (leave an extra comment if you do so), but only 2 entries max. 

This is also the perfect moment to announce that Nicole, formerly of Flaming Hag Folkwear, is now HEXEREI. For those of you who don't know, Nicole has one of the most killer collections of vintage that I've ever seen. Her shop is full of things where you think, really?? that exists?? Not to mention, of course, her handmade jewelry.

So! For this giveaway, the winner will receive one large handmade dreamcatcher (by me) and a pair of leather/porcupine quill earrings (by Nicole) that come packaged in a handmade, repurposed leather medicine pouch. Total score. 

Again, leave a comment to enter, and tell your friends if you'd like. Comments will close on the evening of December 20, and we will announce the winner on December 21.


the many faces

Series of me: by Asher.

I'm wearing my newest beaded earrings by the luminous bead lady, Kyra of WeaveGold. Treat yourself, girls! I feel like I speak of her often, but I just can't recommend her enough. Super special treasures, and she will make you a custom order designed specifically to your wishes and your unique spirit. 

Asher took these photos yesterday at the gas station on our way home from school. I had to beg a little bit...but he always pulls through after a little bit of eye-rolling. Not bad, right? I wanted specifically to capture my new earrings, but the afternoon winter light was so pretty and Asher's angle ended up looking kind of cool.

do you have a favorite? ALSO stay tuned because I have a very exciting giveaway in store. I'm collaborating with an old friend and it will revive some memories for all of us and also brighten this already-bright season a little bit more.


When Inspiration Strikes

Writing lives deep inside of me, like memories, like the place I call home. Sometimes it sleeps for so long. I try to wake it, but it slumbers at it's own pace, like a mama bear in the winter: warm, slow, heavy. But sometimes little bits of it rise up from my belly, like wisps of smoke from the ashes of last night's fire. It's always there, in some form. It weaves around my insides, my guts, my thoughts, my memories, shaping how i remember things, how i perceive things, and how i tell you things.

There are things that make me think, I must write! How else can I truly convey or capture the depth of the pain that one feels when she loves a child? how the spectrum of emotion in motherhood is so vast and curving that pleasure and pain meet at exactly the same place? Photographs keep my memories for me, but it is writing that makes them breathe again. For me, words are the keepers of the past, and they hold the power of medicine and magic.

Lately I have been tripping out on motherhood. This is nothing new. Motherhood is trippy. Every moment of every day is remarkable. My child is now 9 years old, and all the cliches are true: it goes so quickly, they grow so fast, enjoy them while they are small!

My child is large. His teeth are big and his limbs are long. He wears my flip flops and they fit him. He reasons with me, he explains things to me, he calls me out on my shit. I watch in wonder as his baby face is slowly swallowed by his boy face. there are moments where my breath catches at the thought of how close he is to grown-up. how short the time is that i have now to be the hero, to be the most important one, to hold the power to always make things better. Now, when I look at his baby photos, it feels far away: distant golden-orb memories of a different era. I have only been alive for 31 years, and 9 of those I have spent with Asher. so much time has passed, so much has changed and we have grown in so many ways.

Do not think that I lament for the past in a way that means i would return there. I trust the way the world turns and i appreciate the past as well as the prospect of the future. as hard as it is sometimes, i appreciate change. but, as a woman and a mother, i cannot help but to take some time, now and then, to dive deep in the rabbit hole of memory, to remember the baby i created so long ago, to allow myself to really feel the ache of loving a child. from the day of birth, we begin to let our children go: It is a long and delicate process.

I have watched you cry and drool, i have watched you laugh and yell and make the biggest messes a child can make. i have watched the fierceness of your tiny body, the passion of your dissatisfaction, the way in which you can destroy an entire day with your tantrums, the way you can restore my entire heart with your laugh.

I have watched you start small (so small) and slowly get bigger. each day the golden light glowing, growing from your core. i have watched your tiny round cheeks get bigger, less round. your body has stretched, elongated, the swift growth from baby to boy. you lost your baby teeth. literally. they fell out and some of them we never found again, not for the tooth fairy, not for me. i see a photograph now of you with your baby teeth and my heart aches. my eyes sting already with the tears of time, moments that are gone forever, the marks of your youth already far behind me, years gone by, so much has changed.

and you are only 9.

the poets are right - in a single tear, there exists the entire ocean.



Recently I'd been feeling frustrated with my to-do list: it was always looking messy, sometimes it was crumpled up in my purse, or (worse) it was left at home. For some time now, I had been craving a large wall space for to-do lists and planning, and since I live in a very tiny house, there is not much wall space that seems fitting for such a thing. But! An idea dawned. I borrowed some chalkboard paint from the neighbors and painted my closet door. The closet door is central to my living space but isn't obstructed by furniture. 

It's been about a week so far and I'm loving it. 


Please share any of your own DIY-for-sanity ideas that you've implemented. I'm so interested. Life is  tricky sometimes - the simplest things can make such a difference.



New dreamcatchers in the works, two of them completed....made with wool and reclaimed silk, wild turkey feathers and wooden beads. 


Poetry adventures


the oldest story

in december
you came to me
you drove north along the coast
your truck was old
and tired

at the cliffs the world was
wet and grey
lines blurred
between earth and sky

the mist dominated
covered your windows
you blasted the heat to
keep it from your skin
away from your heart

at my doorstep
i felt (the mist) on your coat
suspended on the fibers
seeping into the wool

you took your boots off
and came in
the heat from the fire
swallowed the dampness

i gave you food


this poem is fictional, but it is inspired by real-life emotions and other-life memories. this is what i love about poetry: how we can bring together the universal emotions, the personal emotions, the specific emotion of a time and place, the i-wish-i-knew-that-emotion of love affairs not-yet-realized, and weave them all together to create a sliver of memory, real enough that it can be contained in words.

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Parcel season

December is upon us and with it the promise of snowflakes, glitter, packages and parcels. Despite what we could all say about the consumerist nature of the Christmas holiday, I love it anyway. I love December and it's biting winds, the rosy cheeks of children, the simmering soups and bottomless cups of hot tea. I love digging out my small bag of Christmas decorations and creating a corner for a tree, no matter how small or big it might be. I love how much we all rest: the weeks of school vacation, the darkness of the days, the arrival of the storms. Hallelujah for the season of sleeping and snuggles, the season of cookies and spice, of fire and light. 

Asher and I have already made our first batch of holiday cards and I'm hoping to do round two this week. And I'm having a half-off sale in my shop this week, and over the weekend I had the best time wrapping up items that sold. Feeling really happy to send these beautiful things off to various corners of the world and very happy to be selling some things as winter descends (thanks, everyone). 

What about you? Have you made Christmas cards yet, or do you plan to? I certainly don't do it every year but I'm always grateful when inspiration/timing/motivation all align and it actually happens. Into what cozy winter traditions do you dive deep in December??