My dear and beloved blog friends, 

thank you for your you-ness. thank you for finding me on this journey and being a real and important part of my life. for so many years, I've been here, and many of you have been here for almost all of those years. I still remember when I first found Nicole's blog one night when I still lived in Portland....and so began the unfolding and unfurling, the shimmering silk of the web that we create together. The magical powers of the internet! But I digress. This is mostly my way of expressing gratitude to all of you and this community that is a real, breathing, pulsing part of who I am and what/how I create. 

And on that note, I want to announce the official launch of my new website for my Styling/Creative Consulting work. I'm so excited for what this represents for me and for what lies ahead as I move forward on this path.

Please stop by and check it out if you want.

Cheers to all of you and all of us, the creative fires, the clever hands, the wise hearts and the hungry minds. Cheers to the women, the mamas, the crafty creators and the determined makers. Cheers to all of us as we forge forward, blazing trails and counting stars. 


Thank you for commenting! Even if I don't reply, I read and appreciate every single one of you. xo