oh you pretty things

just a few snaps of some things that are all photographed and ready to be in the shop. still need to measure and list these babies, so i thought i might as well post a sneak preview since i know you all appreciate a good textile just as much as i do. swoon.

plaid wool pendleton suit with pleated skirt. !!!
1990s miniskirt suit, a la Cher in Clueless
lovely sleeve detail on a 1950s cocktail dress
totally bangin teal silk jumpsuit. wait till you see the whole thing!
details on suede-front high-waisted black cigarette pants.

oh! and this was my first photoshoot with a new model, Carly. she's so tall i had to use a step-stool to make sure i got the shots right. dang, girl!!

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  1. Hahahaha! Just watched clueless while I was crafting!


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