Archaic Revival Arts

Did you guys notice my new blog header? I just want to take a moment to appreciate Christian at Archaic Revival Arts, a local one-man operation who has been working with me over the past couple months to create some really beautiful graphic art for sadieDeluxe. Please take a moment to check out Christian's Tumblr portfolio - his art is really inspiring to me in the way it is so original and fresh yet pulling in so many elements of current inspiration and magic.

Anyone who needs any help with stuff like this, you can contact him via email to discuss and projects or rates. Working with someone so innovative has been such a pleasure. Support your local artists in any way that you can. Thank you, Christian!


  1. I absolutely love everyone of these images. This is exactly how I see Northern California. Such a home in my heart. I adore you new blog, I read it all the time. It is very grounding for me. So real, honest and beautiful. It inspires me to be true, to myself. A friend told me this recently, "We know where we've come from, we know who we are, we know what we want, and no one can take this from us. This is our Universal Passport." :)

  2. LOVE! Especially the second one from the bottom. Checked out your new website too and it looks awesome as well. Congratulations on this next journey!

  3. Oh, I've been looking for an artist, this could be it! Thank you for the tip. These are so gorgeous. Love ya.

  4. very cool! they all look amazing!


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