On the Ridge

As you might remember, I live in Paradise. The town of Paradise sits on a ridge overlooking vast and beautiful canyons on either side. This makes driving anywhere a pleasure. To do our "real" errands, a trip to Chico is essential, but the drive is so gorgeous that one really can't complain. 

The most amazing thing, though, is to drive down the hill at the sunset hour. As you head down the ridge, the sky opens and spreads before you, revealing more than you ever thought you would see from one vantage point. On your right is the Butte Creek Canyon, and above the canyon are the birds. Always the hawks and turkey vultures, circling. When the sun sets, the down hill drive takes you straight through it, and on a good night, it is ridiculously breathtaking. Like "omg we need to pull over" breathtaking. Or "omg this world is so amazing and beautiful that my heart aches" breathtaking. 

On the way down, there is a lookout spot where cars can park to watch the sunset or just look at the canyon below. A couple days ago, I drove down to the lookout (it's about 5 minutes from my house) with a thermos of hot chocolate to watch the sun set (4:45 pm!). though it was not filled with the electric purples and reds of late summer, it was soft and stunning nonetheless. My trusty co-pilot came with me and we took pictures, drank the cocoa, and watched the light fade. 

 Also, it's freezing here. I was barely warm enough in my parka and snowboots, yet homeboy refused to wear even a sweatshirt. Ah, the fire of youth.


Archaic Revival Arts

Did you guys notice my new blog header? I just want to take a moment to appreciate Christian at Archaic Revival Arts, a local one-man operation who has been working with me over the past couple months to create some really beautiful graphic art for sadieDeluxe. Please take a moment to check out Christian's Tumblr portfolio - his art is really inspiring to me in the way it is so original and fresh yet pulling in so many elements of current inspiration and magic.

Anyone who needs any help with stuff like this, you can contact him via email to discuss and projects or rates. Working with someone so innovative has been such a pleasure. Support your local artists in any way that you can. Thank you, Christian!



My dear and beloved blog friends, 

thank you for your you-ness. thank you for finding me on this journey and being a real and important part of my life. for so many years, I've been here, and many of you have been here for almost all of those years. I still remember when I first found Nicole's blog one night when I still lived in Portland....and so began the unfolding and unfurling, the shimmering silk of the web that we create together. The magical powers of the internet! But I digress. This is mostly my way of expressing gratitude to all of you and this community that is a real, breathing, pulsing part of who I am and what/how I create. 

And on that note, I want to announce the official launch of my new website for my Styling/Creative Consulting work. I'm so excited for what this represents for me and for what lies ahead as I move forward on this path.

Please stop by and check it out if you want.

Cheers to all of you and all of us, the creative fires, the clever hands, the wise hearts and the hungry minds. Cheers to the women, the mamas, the crafty creators and the determined makers. Cheers to all of us as we forge forward, blazing trails and counting stars. 


pretty pictures

for a long time i have loved this shop on Etsy. Alison, the shop owner, is a home-schooling mother in the far-off lands of Texas. but aside from raising 2 children and selling vintage (and jewelry), she is also an amazing photographer. i first fell in love with her shop was because her photos are so striking, so fairy-tale-esque in how they capture the story. You can browse My Avonlea yourself if you'd like, and here are a few of my favorites, just to start your Monday off with a dose of pretty:



As some of you know, I've put together a lot of really beautiful photoshoots over the past couple years, and since I always release the shoots in Lookbook form, a lot of the photos never make it beyond my hard drive. I've decided that I'm going to start releasing some of the photos here, in blog posts, so that they can be shared with the world. 

Here are a few unreleased shots from the Lookbook I did with Gather Jewelry last winter. All photos were shot by Simon Weller. 


a digital mess

lately i've been thinking about the evolution of email: how far we've come with it and where it is heading. i remember when email was a novelty. i remember thinking, hmmmm, what can i say so that i can send an email to someone? i remember when my email inbox was sort of like a digital shoebox of photos and letters: full, but full of wonderful things and still contained within a nice, clean rectangle. 

i remember when i always replied to an email right away, and also when i couldn't understand when people talked about "forgetting to reply" or "losing track" of an email. i remember when i didn't get emails every day, necessarily, and even a time when i didn't check my email every day. 

my email inbox no longer resembles the aforementioned shoebox of letters and snapshots. now it is like the rubbermaid tub in the garage - the one your mom kept of every art piece you ever made from age 2-18. the rubbermaid tub that is too heavy to lift, too full to look through, but too meaningful to throw away.

sometimes i find myself now actually forgetting about an email that someone sent me. even with all my sorting mechanisms (and anyone who has gmail knows that even the gmail infrastructure recently changed so that we have THREE inboxes now, and it presorts our mail into categories), i still find that things get buried quickly. or perhaps it is that now email-checking is less of a ritual. i can check it anytime, and think to myself, i'll reply to that later. But will I?

the form of our emails has changed, too. more often in the past we began with "dear," and signed off with "love,"; now emails are more of a dialogue, less of an e-letter. we banter back and forth without the greeting, without the personal signature at the end. Speed dominates, it infiltrates our modes of conversation more and more.

if email has changed this much in the past 10 years, how will it keep changing? will it not be able to contain the volume and the speed of our continued communication? 

who knows. and truthfully, i love email. i love being able to send someone a note anytime he or she pops into my head or anytime i remember that i forgot to tell someone a certain something. i love instant connection and instant communication. mostly i just feel a bit bummed that i am not able to keep track of it as well as i used to... and that some emails do indeed "get buried." 

So! If you love me and have ever sent me an email that I didn't reply to in a timely manner, please do not ever take it personally and do not ever hesitate to send me a follow-up email being like "wtf where are you, girl?" 

And! How do you deal with your email? Do you use gmail? Does anyone use Apple mail and like that organization system better? Enlighten me to your wisdom of clearing the digital clutter. 

photo sources one and two


oh you pretty things

just a few snaps of some things that are all photographed and ready to be in the shop. still need to measure and list these babies, so i thought i might as well post a sneak preview since i know you all appreciate a good textile just as much as i do. swoon.

plaid wool pendleton suit with pleated skirt. !!!
1990s miniskirt suit, a la Cher in Clueless
lovely sleeve detail on a 1950s cocktail dress
totally bangin teal silk jumpsuit. wait till you see the whole thing!
details on suede-front high-waisted black cigarette pants.

oh! and this was my first photoshoot with a new model, Carly. she's so tall i had to use a step-stool to make sure i got the shots right. dang, girl!!