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You know, so much of my life is very quiet. I spend a lot of time at home, with Asher, being mellow. This is a wonderful thing. But sometimes I feel unsure of what to blog about. How does one capture the slowness of life and then condense it into a fascinating chunk of text? Though even as I ask this, I know the answer: to a writer, that is what we do. It is the repurposing of life's simple pleasures that is our talent, our craft, our trade. It is the desire to convey the significance of the fallen pine needles, the red leaves, the cold mornings, that makes it possible to do so. 

So then, i suppose that the truth is simply that sometimes I don't feel like writing. Like many things, this, too, goes in cycles. C'est la vie. Here I am. 

One project I undertook this year was renting a small space at a local antique shop. This means I get to fill it up with things to sell. Two friends agreed to share the space with me, as I felt that doing it on my own was too much for me - the space is about 10' x 15' and I wasn't sure i'd be able to maintain it on my own. Turns out the three of us are the perfect number, and it's been going really well.

I love that it allows me to sell things beyond clothing, but also that it gives me an in-person venue to sell clothing - as opposed to online. it's been interesting to see what sells in such a different environment. Antiquing in and of itself is a very interesting subculture - both in the people who shop, and especially in terms of the people who sell. Selling at this particula antique store has been a fascinating glimpse into these types of's a lot of older people; i'd say i'm one of the youngest sellers there, and many of them have been doing this for decades. they have lots of stories to tell, and they know a lot about selling old stuff. I have been learning a lot from them. (Part of the agreement is you work 2 days a month in the shop - this is when I get my antique-education immersion).

Also, it's a lot of work. you have to always be on the hunt, always fixing stuff up and maintaining your spot, keeping it fresh, clean, interesting, and organized. it's actually been a really satisfying creative outlet for me that feels low-pressure and fun. though i've not been making a killer profit, i have been profiting a bit each month. 

There is absolutely a part deep inside of me that loves being a reseller. I love the thought of finding something amazing, and then facilitating its journey toward the person who will love it the most. That feels so good to me. While I don't think i'll become an antiquer-for-life, I have been enjoying this little glimpse into the world of has been good for me to step outside of my box and try something new. We'll see how long it keeps going. But! I recommend this kind of project to lots of you crafty ladies out there who might benefit from an outlet in this way - it allows you to thrift with purpose, fix things up with a clear intention, and generate some extra cash for yourselves and your families. in the right place, it can be a great endeavor. 

what about you? have you thought of doing this? or have you done it?

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  1. Excited for your venture, looks rad! And yeah, it's a lot of work.


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