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for those of you who follow me on instagram, i know you have already seen this (a few times). a local artist by the name of Lucas Rodri used my face as the subject of one of his paintings; a painting that happens to be a double mural on these warehouse doors at local spot called the Habitat Lab. Habitat Lab is a workspace for artists to rent for their creations and crafts, and it also hosts occasional events.

I originally met Lucas through our mutual friend Hannah, who I have mentioned here before. I love his particular style and have been watching his art for the past couple of years. When he did a live art piece at a recent event that I helped produce, I told him I wanted him to paint me. And then he basically said yeah cool i need to do this big mural, so that's perfect.

A few weeks later, it was done. Boom, just like that. Amazing. I wish I had some more links to his art and some more information on his process, but i don't (yet). You can follow him on instagram (@lucasrodart) and I believe he is working on a time lapse video of the painting process. Maybe I will try to interview him as a follow up to this post, so we can get a little deeper in it and so you all can see more of his inspiring creations. I'd like to offer up a lot of gratitude and appreciation to Lucas for his artwork, his vision, his humility. Thanks Luke!! You are amazing!

Mostly I want to share because it is exciting and special to be painted, and this was an incredible experience in asking for what you want. because sometimes, when you can muster the courage to do so, you get what you asked for. sometimes you get it faster than you even imagined you would.

as a mother, "asking for what you want" is pretty high up there on the list of lessons i want to teach my child. there are so many things that get in the way of asking for what we want sometimes....there can be a sense of discomfort around it a lot of the time, depending on the scenario. i remember that feeling as a child, and i still experience it as an adult. i watch my own child sometimes struggle with asking for a simple thing because, like many of us, he worries what the other person will say to him if he asks. 

do you think about this? for yourself, or in terms of teaching your children? i'd love to hear what others have to say about this important life challenge and how we can best teach our kiddos about it. 

these photos were taken, of course, by my dear and trusty assistant, Asher. what a guy.


  1. Great, wonderful, magnificent, amazing all of it Lucas, You and Asher.
    and the paintings, photos and blog post.

  2. asking for what you want... yes yes yes. i can relate to this, or rather, the inability too, but I keep getting better at it. Sometimes it's just a wish or a prayer that gets answered- I'm fairly comfortable with that type of asking. The outright asking can be scarier, but what a rush of power and joy when I do it, and someone says YES. It's funny b/c I appreciate and really respect when people ask for what they want. I too have a little one, and just last week I was loving how simply he asked me for help. No issues, no story, just a simple, "Mama, can you help me with this?" He had done as much as he good by himself.
    Your portrait is gorgeous BTW! Good for you for asking what you want. Rock on.

  3. This is so special Sadie! I'm so happy for you!
    I got a great piece of advice from a friend not too long ago she said "Don't be afraid to ask for abundance. If it's for the greatest good it will be so."
    I've listened to that, I've asked and I've received!
    I try to always remind my boys that if they need help they need to ask for it. But it's definitely something we must also teach by example and I try to remind myself of this often.
    Great job with the photos Asher!!

  4. Sadie, that is such a beautiful painting. Asking for what you want.....I think I do; I can be a wimp sometimes about it, but I still do it. Probably more to do with determination, I AM very determined when I want something that I see as justified, and will exhaust all avenues to pursue it, I was thinking today that I hope I pass that on to my kids as my own mother did to me. I guess on the other hand, if something does seem completely out of reach, I will quickly dismiss it as a want; so yeah, I do chicken out sometimes too. (uh, let me make it clear that all of the procrastinating I do with my time which gets in the way of asking for what i want and seeking it as well)


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