Gluten Free Kiddo: Day 1

Asher and I are doing a 2.5 week gluten-free challenge. We've done gluten-free a lot. When he was about 3-5 i was almost exclusively gluten free...and since then we've done a few months at a time here and there. I know it works for him. But sometimes i just don't want to be gluten-free, you know? Sometimes i want to feel free to binge on toast on Sundays, or to stuff ourselves at bakeries when we travel, or to eat a big dish of good ole wheat-filled pasta. Le sigh. But sometimes when i can tell he needs a little energetic detox...well, I bust out the GF diet. Here was a conversation we had this past week:

me: Hey Ash, so I heard you hit John at school.
ash: Oh yeah. and when i hit him, he hit me back twelve times!
me: oh. well why did you hit him?
ash: well, when i told him to 'shut it' he didn't listen to me. 

Oooookay. so clearly there are a few things coming up - namely patience and clarity of thought. Asher is generally "fine" at school, so when things come up - i look at what potential toxins I can remove. so yesterday i told him we can go on a gluten cleanse or a TV cleanse. he chose gluten and asked for 2.5 weeks. 

With Asher, i can tell that it's time to stop the gluten based on a few things. as i illustrated in the dialogue above, his patience is affected. i notice it at home, also. he's quicker to get grumpy and also slightly less creative with his time and activities when he needs to detox. Also, he gets subtle dark circles under his eyes. finally, something new are some bumps on the back of his arms. these in general are usually related to diet, and with him, i'm guessing that the gluten cleanse will help them. 

Being a mom is hard. being in charge of someone else's body is so, so hard. it's a lot of responsibility, and it can be overwhelming sometimes. it's hard enough taking care of my own body, you know? but this is what i signed up for, and getting really clean on our diet always makes me feel good....and it also makes me feel in control of my life. perhaps that's odd, but it's true. so many things are out of our control, but with food we can take total control and see immediate, positive results. 

it's gf toast, you guys, don't worry. plus the pot of gold (ghee) from my mom, local apples, and a celtic tea blend that my mama also made.

So. That being said, today was day 1. we did great, especially considering i really need to go to the grocery store (but sometimes you just don't want to ruin a perfectly good saturday with a trip to the store). Though i'm not going to post our meals every day of the next 2.5 weeks, i will post a few things here and there to hear any feedback you have, and of course in the hopes that some of you will find inspiration in our meals. 

Day 1
sauteed onion and tomato with scrambled eggs, avocado slices on top; asher put ketchup on his. i had tea with coconut oil and half and half in it (woah yum).

apples with peanut butter

miso soup with brown rice, nori pieces, and chopped kale. (possibly it is a miracle that i have a child who will eat this). 

i cut some smoked gouda into small cubes and mixed it into some hamburger meat. i added olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then made patties fried in bacon grease. (yep. yum). served with sliced avocado and pickles on the side, plus a small serving of leftover spaghetti squash and onion. 

eggs from a friend at Asher's school, onions and tomato from the garden, honey from a friend's bees. the norcal bounty.

Reading through what i've written so far in this post, i will confess that i had a small moment of doubt around sharing the hitting conversation. of course in many ways, i want to pretend that i am perfect and my life is perfect and that my son is, consequently, perfect. HA! but where do we get by pretending to be perfect? i'll tell you where: to the wrong place. pretending to be perfect takes you someplace you never intended to be and then you look around and you're like, hey, what is all this stuff? who are all these people? do i really belong here??

Asher goes to a very, very small school and suffice it to say that John is his social group. It is important to keep them feeling good about each other because without one another they would be almost lost. i am so grateful they have each other.


this morning, Asher was laying in bed with me and tried to take a picture with my phone, but the battery died. he laid his head down on my chest and said, oh well. at least we have each other, mom. we don't need batteries to keep going.

Yep. gotta feed this kid real well. he is my most important project. 


The things we do

You know, so much of my life is very quiet. I spend a lot of time at home, with Asher, being mellow. This is a wonderful thing. But sometimes I feel unsure of what to blog about. How does one capture the slowness of life and then condense it into a fascinating chunk of text? Though even as I ask this, I know the answer: to a writer, that is what we do. It is the repurposing of life's simple pleasures that is our talent, our craft, our trade. It is the desire to convey the significance of the fallen pine needles, the red leaves, the cold mornings, that makes it possible to do so. 

So then, i suppose that the truth is simply that sometimes I don't feel like writing. Like many things, this, too, goes in cycles. C'est la vie. Here I am. 

One project I undertook this year was renting a small space at a local antique shop. This means I get to fill it up with things to sell. Two friends agreed to share the space with me, as I felt that doing it on my own was too much for me - the space is about 10' x 15' and I wasn't sure i'd be able to maintain it on my own. Turns out the three of us are the perfect number, and it's been going really well.

I love that it allows me to sell things beyond clothing, but also that it gives me an in-person venue to sell clothing - as opposed to online. it's been interesting to see what sells in such a different environment. Antiquing in and of itself is a very interesting subculture - both in the people who shop, and especially in terms of the people who sell. Selling at this particula antique store has been a fascinating glimpse into these types of's a lot of older people; i'd say i'm one of the youngest sellers there, and many of them have been doing this for decades. they have lots of stories to tell, and they know a lot about selling old stuff. I have been learning a lot from them. (Part of the agreement is you work 2 days a month in the shop - this is when I get my antique-education immersion).

Also, it's a lot of work. you have to always be on the hunt, always fixing stuff up and maintaining your spot, keeping it fresh, clean, interesting, and organized. it's actually been a really satisfying creative outlet for me that feels low-pressure and fun. though i've not been making a killer profit, i have been profiting a bit each month. 

There is absolutely a part deep inside of me that loves being a reseller. I love the thought of finding something amazing, and then facilitating its journey toward the person who will love it the most. That feels so good to me. While I don't think i'll become an antiquer-for-life, I have been enjoying this little glimpse into the world of has been good for me to step outside of my box and try something new. We'll see how long it keeps going. But! I recommend this kind of project to lots of you crafty ladies out there who might benefit from an outlet in this way - it allows you to thrift with purpose, fix things up with a clear intention, and generate some extra cash for yourselves and your families. in the right place, it can be a great endeavor. 

what about you? have you thought of doing this? or have you done it?


Diamonds in my Heart

May it be beautiful before me. May it be beautiful behind me. May it be beautiful below me. May it be beautiful above me. May it be beautiful all around me. I am restored in beauty. 

- Navajo Prayer

All original digital collage artwork by Korinä Langevin.


dreaming in color

for those of you who follow me on instagram, i know you have already seen this (a few times). a local artist by the name of Lucas Rodri used my face as the subject of one of his paintings; a painting that happens to be a double mural on these warehouse doors at local spot called the Habitat Lab. Habitat Lab is a workspace for artists to rent for their creations and crafts, and it also hosts occasional events.

I originally met Lucas through our mutual friend Hannah, who I have mentioned here before. I love his particular style and have been watching his art for the past couple of years. When he did a live art piece at a recent event that I helped produce, I told him I wanted him to paint me. And then he basically said yeah cool i need to do this big mural, so that's perfect.

A few weeks later, it was done. Boom, just like that. Amazing. I wish I had some more links to his art and some more information on his process, but i don't (yet). You can follow him on instagram (@lucasrodart) and I believe he is working on a time lapse video of the painting process. Maybe I will try to interview him as a follow up to this post, so we can get a little deeper in it and so you all can see more of his inspiring creations. I'd like to offer up a lot of gratitude and appreciation to Lucas for his artwork, his vision, his humility. Thanks Luke!! You are amazing!

Mostly I want to share because it is exciting and special to be painted, and this was an incredible experience in asking for what you want. because sometimes, when you can muster the courage to do so, you get what you asked for. sometimes you get it faster than you even imagined you would.

as a mother, "asking for what you want" is pretty high up there on the list of lessons i want to teach my child. there are so many things that get in the way of asking for what we want sometimes....there can be a sense of discomfort around it a lot of the time, depending on the scenario. i remember that feeling as a child, and i still experience it as an adult. i watch my own child sometimes struggle with asking for a simple thing because, like many of us, he worries what the other person will say to him if he asks. 

do you think about this? for yourself, or in terms of teaching your children? i'd love to hear what others have to say about this important life challenge and how we can best teach our kiddos about it. 

these photos were taken, of course, by my dear and trusty assistant, Asher. what a guy.



new pics

there is just something so satisfying to me about a white background. and guess what? they painted the doors at my storage unit so now my "backdrop" is bright bright white. loving it. i re-did the photos of the coats, and also photographed a ton of clothing, including a big portion of my 1990s-witchy-babe collection, which you will L O V E. here are a couple faves for now.