You So Crafty

One of my most very favorite things about life is connecting with inspiring women. There are so many of you our there; i find you in every corner of this wild-life room. i find you online, in real life, in my dreams, in my past, my present, my future. every time i meet another one of you, i think, yes! i am on the right path. i am living.

a few months ago, i met Carolyn Craft at an epic summer girl party (that i blogged about here) and have since been swept away by her artistic eye and her photographic capture of the beauty around us. something about Carolyn's photos feels satisfying to me not just in an artistic way, but in a personal way - as though i found a page from my old journal lying there and picked it up to read it again. 

i wanted to post one thousand of her photos here, but i narrowed it down. check out her tumblr for more. 

all photos courtesy of Carolyn Craft

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