the real alchemy

food is the heart of the matter. 

i also read once that the kitchen is the heart of the home. this has stayed with me over the years; it is in the kitchen where we gather the most often, where people cluster during a gathering, it is where our children sit for hours upon hours watching us cook, watching us clean, watching us do it all over again. 

if the kitchen is the heart, then, we must notice the state of it. is it clean? is it functioning properly? does it make you happy when you walk in? how is the light? anytime i am feeling that things are amiss in my heart, i start with the kitchen. i clean it first and foremost, and then i usually make tea.

Cooking is (of course) one of the oldest crafts in the book. for mothers and women, it is an ancient practice that is taught to us by our ancestors and is likely coded in our dna. for centuries, we have been the magicians of food and feast. it is our duty to nourish not only ourselves, but the future generations. and though there are indeed seasons where we can simply pick a peach off a tree and offer it to a hungry child, most of the time it demands much more than that.

there is the gathering and storing of food; and most importantly, there is the transformation from raw materials into the finished project. herein lies the magic - that we can gather these things and pound them, roll them, mix them, chop them, stew them, bake them, and turn them into something so completely wonderful and so different from their original state: surely this is the original alchemy. 

remarkably, we are strong enough and clever enough to carry this out not just once a day, but often several times in a day! perhaps long ago in the lore of alchemy, this was the miracle - turning several dirty root vegetables into a glimmering pot of food. and perhaps the maiden in rumplestilskin did not actually spin straw into gold but rather turned the garden harvest into edible delight....because i tell you what - sometimes at the end of a long day when there is not much food left in the house and you manage to bust out a full-on dinner for yourself and your loved ones...

isn't it a miracle?

*i used repeat photos in this post because while i know i have really awesome kitchen photos somewhere, i can't find them at the moment. also! i really do know that men and fathers also cook and i simpy chose to focus this post on women and mothers because I am a woman and a mother, and it is likely that you are, too.

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  1. miss sadie! i am loving your new space here. your stories are oh so wonderful. never stop blogging!


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