home again, home again

hi! as i mentioned, i'm coming back to my beloved sadiedeluxe - as it makes me feel more authentic and more inspired in my creative self. it's kind of like moving back into an old bedroom - i'll probably be making a few aesthetic changes over the next little while, and i brought some old stuff (my lost boys + lovers posts) along with me. ahhhhh. now everything is here. 

i figured i'd start the homecoming off by re-posting one of my first-ever posts on this blog in 2008. 

thanks for coming back with me.


(originally posted on 12/28/08)

Top 5

Top 5 favorite things about today:
Samples at New Seasons
Earl Grey tea
Cutting ferns and holly
Baby foreheads

Top 5 signs that you have a bouncy child:
Cut and swollen lip
Spilled glasses of water
Couch pillows always on floor, never on couch
Very, very wet bath mat

Top 5 favorite things to wear:
Booty shorts

Top 5 things to eat during Christmas vacation:
Toast with butter and jam
Satsuma mandarins

Top 5 signs you are a mother:
Fantasies involve uninterrupted DVD watching and solo grocery shopping
Lots of cute high heels that you swear you will wear one day
Crumbs in your sheets
Greasy smears about 3 ft from the ground on all full-length mirrors
No white shirts

Top 5 things that will suck:
Cleaning the car
Cleaning up the dog shit that someone left out front
Putting all the rose bush clippings in the yard debris bin
Trying to get thank-you letters out in a decent time frame
Getting my guitar callouses tough enough so they don't hurt anymore

Top 5 things that will be awesome:
Getting my guitar callouses tough enough so they don't hurt anymore
Recording another song
Finishing my work
Downloading the next This American Life podcast
Finding a new book that I love 
footnotes: i love these lists. currently i still have a bouncy child, but he rarely bounces into my face anymore, as he's not on my lap all the time. i hate to admit it, but i've gotten rusty on the guitar and it's time to start practicing again. in 2008 i wrote some adorable love songs and it was really really fun.  i still have lots of cute high-heels that i swear i will wear one day. i still love earl grey tea. i still fantasize about solo grocery shopping.

i miss the baby forehead.


  1. Hi Sadie, welcome back, and i love your lists. nodding along with some like white shirts and greasy smears and fantasies about watching DVDs....that doesn't change really does it. x


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