Market Day

It's true: Autumn is really really here, all the way.

what treats are at your market right now? are there pomegranates where you live?



I listed tons of vintage coats in the shop recently, and i have so many more amazing treasures waiting to be photographed. soon, i promise. but in case you haven't visited sadiedeluxe yet, please do. 


Hopscotch Sound

 Lucky for all of you, this is apparently radical babe week on my blog. this time I'm posting an interview with Angela LaBaw of Oakland-based musical project Hopscotch. This talented and radiant being is a friend of mine and is a huge inspiration to me in her eternal quest for authenticity and magic. I am also constantly super-impressed by her epic fashion sense and her creativity in terms of personal style. This girl rocks it out in some serious ways.

To learn more about her music, you can visit her website that i linked to, above (and here is her promo video).  Below are some questions she graciously answered for me a couple of months ago, and I finally dug them out to be posted. "Emotion," mentioned in the interview, is Hopscotch's latest single, and you can watch the music video here. Oh! And of course you can scope her out on facebook to see lots of awesome pics.

can you give me a brief tale of you and Hopscotch? (its origin, what it means to you)

I have always been a musician, singer and performer from a very young age. Hopscotch is my newest moniker, and it is a place for me to explore and express the many facets of my being. I officially began this journey officially in 2010. The game 'hopscotch' was one of my releases when I was a youngster, a game I could easily play alone or with others. I would get so creative with the chalk and always made up new dance moves, add the ghetto blaster ... FUN! This is how I view my life as an artist as well. My focus while creating the musical expression as Hopscotch is fun, deep, sexy and transformative. I want to create a space for others to feel, I don’t care what they feel, just to feel, feel safe and free to be with what is.  

what is the first moment you remember feeling your heart open and lift in response to music?

I have strong memories from my childhood with my father putting on psychedelic classic rock records and blasting them, it was all-consuming! My mother was an opera singer and while in her womb I feel as though I was programmed to walk the artist's path. I am sure my heart and being were forever changed by the power of my mother's voice. AND, I have to say that my first experience where my heart really opened and lifted in response to music would have been the first time I sang in the church choir at age 5. I didn’t give a fuck what the words meant, I was singing from my heart; it felt so real and so moving that I would (more than once) break into tears and laughter in response to how good it felt to just belt it out! Muisc has always been my #1 medicine. 

what gift do you want to deliver to the listeners of Emotion?

Some sort of emotional intelligence piece of sex wisdom, ha! Breathing is a way to get through the deepest, most painful times in our lives. I wanted to portray the vulnerability of lovers and emotion and our own connection with breath, emotions and lovemaking. Basically... breathe! it makes everything better… errrrything! ;)

what inspires you on the daily - just in general, not necessarily in music?

MY GARDEN in Oakland! I live in an oasis, and spend a lot of time and energy in the garden growing most of my food. I make my own vinegar out of the leftover fruit from my pluot, pear, apple and fig trees. I grow tons of flowers, and lately I’ve been getting really into succulent gardening too. I love to get out in nature and hike, and if I don’t get to the ocean often I feel weird. I’m in LOVE with archery and I go to the range as often as I can to let off some steam - it's in the redwoods in the Oakland hills about 10 minutes from my house, so it been a huge part of my life inspiration lately. Fashion and visual art inspire me a lot. My closet is HUGE. Just sayin'. My friends inspire me, keep me smiling and laughing and that’s so precious to me… thanks friends!

what is your favorite bedtime ritual?

FUNNY FACES IN THE MIRROR! And I like to take a minute to sit up and close my eyes to thank all that is for life and count my blessings. 

 all photos courtesy of Hopscotch; images 3-5 by Sequoia Emmanuelle


You So Crafty

One of my most very favorite things about life is connecting with inspiring women. There are so many of you our there; i find you in every corner of this wild-life room. i find you online, in real life, in my dreams, in my past, my present, my future. every time i meet another one of you, i think, yes! i am on the right path. i am living.

a few months ago, i met Carolyn Craft at an epic summer girl party (that i blogged about here) and have since been swept away by her artistic eye and her photographic capture of the beauty around us. something about Carolyn's photos feels satisfying to me not just in an artistic way, but in a personal way - as though i found a page from my old journal lying there and picked it up to read it again. 

i wanted to post one thousand of her photos here, but i narrowed it down. check out her tumblr for more. 

all photos courtesy of Carolyn Craft


the real alchemy

food is the heart of the matter. 

i also read once that the kitchen is the heart of the home. this has stayed with me over the years; it is in the kitchen where we gather the most often, where people cluster during a gathering, it is where our children sit for hours upon hours watching us cook, watching us clean, watching us do it all over again. 

if the kitchen is the heart, then, we must notice the state of it. is it clean? is it functioning properly? does it make you happy when you walk in? how is the light? anytime i am feeling that things are amiss in my heart, i start with the kitchen. i clean it first and foremost, and then i usually make tea.

Cooking is (of course) one of the oldest crafts in the book. for mothers and women, it is an ancient practice that is taught to us by our ancestors and is likely coded in our dna. for centuries, we have been the magicians of food and feast. it is our duty to nourish not only ourselves, but the future generations. and though there are indeed seasons where we can simply pick a peach off a tree and offer it to a hungry child, most of the time it demands much more than that.

there is the gathering and storing of food; and most importantly, there is the transformation from raw materials into the finished project. herein lies the magic - that we can gather these things and pound them, roll them, mix them, chop them, stew them, bake them, and turn them into something so completely wonderful and so different from their original state: surely this is the original alchemy. 

remarkably, we are strong enough and clever enough to carry this out not just once a day, but often several times in a day! perhaps long ago in the lore of alchemy, this was the miracle - turning several dirty root vegetables into a glimmering pot of food. and perhaps the maiden in rumplestilskin did not actually spin straw into gold but rather turned the garden harvest into edible delight....because i tell you what - sometimes at the end of a long day when there is not much food left in the house and you manage to bust out a full-on dinner for yourself and your loved ones...

isn't it a miracle?

*i used repeat photos in this post because while i know i have really awesome kitchen photos somewhere, i can't find them at the moment. also! i really do know that men and fathers also cook and i simpy chose to focus this post on women and mothers because I am a woman and a mother, and it is likely that you are, too.


lessons learned from old photographs

Here's the thing - there is not enough time to doubt yourself. there is not enough time to pause and think, "i am not beautiful enough," or "that part of my hair/face/arm is weird." there is no time to feel that this container is faulty; because, quite simply, we will look back and see that we were wrong. we will look back and see the immense beauty we carry, the luminous joy captured in sunlit photos at the river. we will see that we were perfect, in a really truly simple way. and then, by doing a quick equation of mathematics (or whatever), we will know that still we are perfect. 

let it be. you are so beautiful. your face, your hair, your legs and thighs, your shoulders and arms are perfect. your teeth and lips, too. your ass and your calves, your waist, the curve (or not-curve) of your hips. your back is beautiful. there is no time to think otherwise; because then the time might be gone and you might wonder how did i not realize how beautiful and wonderful i can be?

here is what there is time for:

laughing a lot. going to the water. taking our babies and children to water and laughing with them a lot. eating food. feeling good about eating food. eating food with friends and neighbors and families. there is time for resting and there is plenty of time to sleep. there is time to wake up early and go to bed early and there is also time to stay up late and wake up late. there is time to nap. there is time to move your body and there is time to breathe; there is time to read, and there is even time to watch television. there is time to look in the mirror and love your face. there is time to enjoy the way you feel in your favorite dress, in your pajamas, in nothing.

if you have ever felt beautiful in your life, keep that pearl in your pocket and use it as you grow, as life changes all around you (and then give it, of course, to your children). in my own messy channels of belief and perspective, it is okay to think that you are the center of the world. you are. there is enough time to love yourself, enough time to love other people (as many as you want) and there is enough love to go around. no one will max out on love. 

there is an inextricable connection between love and beauty. it is beauty which draws me closer to the things i love and so by seeking beauty, i can seek out my personal direction. what appeals to each of us may not appeal to everyone else. do not doubt your beauty, and likewise, do not doubt the things that you find to be beautiful: these are the things that are meant to captivate you, to show you visions and inspire your imagination; and above all, they are here to fill your heart. listen.



i finally made another dream catcher! in my head, i've begun to call them Dreamies - Asher had a book when he was small called "dreams" and he always called it "dreamies." This particular one was made for a returning customer (thanks, chloe), and i have several more half-finished ones that i pulled out to finally complete. 'tis the season; the time is right.


home again, home again

hi! as i mentioned, i'm coming back to my beloved sadiedeluxe - as it makes me feel more authentic and more inspired in my creative self. it's kind of like moving back into an old bedroom - i'll probably be making a few aesthetic changes over the next little while, and i brought some old stuff (my lost boys + lovers posts) along with me. ahhhhh. now everything is here. 

i figured i'd start the homecoming off by re-posting one of my first-ever posts on this blog in 2008. 

thanks for coming back with me.


(originally posted on 12/28/08)

Top 5

Top 5 favorite things about today:
Samples at New Seasons
Earl Grey tea
Cutting ferns and holly
Baby foreheads

Top 5 signs that you have a bouncy child:
Cut and swollen lip
Spilled glasses of water
Couch pillows always on floor, never on couch
Very, very wet bath mat

Top 5 favorite things to wear:
Booty shorts

Top 5 things to eat during Christmas vacation:
Toast with butter and jam
Satsuma mandarins

Top 5 signs you are a mother:
Fantasies involve uninterrupted DVD watching and solo grocery shopping
Lots of cute high heels that you swear you will wear one day
Crumbs in your sheets
Greasy smears about 3 ft from the ground on all full-length mirrors
No white shirts

Top 5 things that will suck:
Cleaning the car
Cleaning up the dog shit that someone left out front
Putting all the rose bush clippings in the yard debris bin
Trying to get thank-you letters out in a decent time frame
Getting my guitar callouses tough enough so they don't hurt anymore

Top 5 things that will be awesome:
Getting my guitar callouses tough enough so they don't hurt anymore
Recording another song
Finishing my work
Downloading the next This American Life podcast
Finding a new book that I love 
footnotes: i love these lists. currently i still have a bouncy child, but he rarely bounces into my face anymore, as he's not on my lap all the time. i hate to admit it, but i've gotten rusty on the guitar and it's time to start practicing again. in 2008 i wrote some adorable love songs and it was really really fun.  i still have lots of cute high-heels that i swear i will wear one day. i still love earl grey tea. i still fantasize about solo grocery shopping.

i miss the baby forehead.


the end and the beginning

well, it finally happened: school has started. it is officially the end of summer - even though the afternoons are still hot (here), Fall is well on its way in the door and the evenings are colder, bedtime is earlier (helloooo school day alarm), and the weeks once again are marked by their weekends; gone is the endless flow of days that is summer vacation. 

as i mentioned, i managed to make some things with the garden bounty. whew. i made pasta sauce and froze it; i made one giant pear pie; i made it down to the creek just in time for the elderberries and i'm brewing another batch of tonic. 

i helped host a successful event, as i mentioned here, and it was a nice reminder of what community feels like. so often i remain in my hermit shell, and so it's nice to engage and experience an outpouring of energy, and to take part in the exchange. the event inspired me to make some more purses, all of which sold at the event. thank you dear community for supporting me and buying things i make.

have you been making things? are you SO excited that your baby is back in school, or are you sad? can you feel Autumn on your face yet??