the other day i had a blogger date. this is one of the best bonuses of blogging - i get to meet really amazing, talented, beautiful, thoughtful women: and sometimes i get to meet them in real life. suzanne came over on one of our first sunny spring days. we walked up to a tiny nearby chocolate factory, we laid in the sun and ate gummy bears, she played a champion round of yard baseball in her high-heeled boots. Asher, of course, was in heaven. few things are as exciting as gummy bears and babes who play baseball. 

 keep it coming, spring.


  1. how cute are you both? yes, i think your son is going to be in heaven for a long time coming.

  2. You are both lovely and radiant! So heartwarming to see wonderful women gathering and sharing their light with one another. xoxoxo

  3. so dear! I can't wait to meet up with your own sweet self again.

  4. I had so much fun with you and Ash! Thank you for the yummy tea and wonderful conversation. Must do again soon :)


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