bright lights

Spring here is bringing in the light, as one often hopes. though the daylight savings adjustment bothers me, i will admit that the longer days do remind me of things to come: promises of summer tempered by the gentle sweetness of spring.

morning light is as satisfying as tea with honey. let us throw open the curtains and rejoice. seriously.

even the compost is beautiful these days. 

breakfast soup with poached egg and green tea.

and so it goes with us and these days of light and sun. how are yours?


  1. sadie, it is SNOWING. right now. can you believe it? and i sit here sketching out my garden and drinking smoothies. bleh.
    lovely pictures. <3

  2. Your breakfast soup looks incredible! I'd love to know what goes into that >.<

  3. Bee - BRRRR!!! i can only imagine how cold (though beautiful) it is. Also, i just read a book called The Virgin Cure that I think you would like.

    Louise! Yes! I will post it! or email you??x

  4. I think it would make a great post, it looks super healthy and delicious ^^

    Also, with the question about replying to comments- I think you need to go to your dashboard then Settings- Post and Comments-Comment Location and make sure the location is set to 'Embedded'.

    Hope this helps love! x

  5. Mmmm, breakfast soup!!
    Please post xx

  6. What lens do you have on your Canon camera? Your photos look amazing!


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