A Bit of History

I've decided to tell a story here about the history of my blog, the history of Lost Boys + Lovers. see, for a long time, I blogged over here, at sadieDeluxe. some of you know this, and some of you probably don't. sadieDeluxe started in Portland and evolved over time as i moved to California and started selling more vintage online. i loved it. i still love going back and reading it. it chronicles a long span of my life. i also sold vintage in my sadieDeluxe shop, and sold my handmade stuff under the name Lost Boys & Lovers in a separate Etsy shop.

my old cards

as stuff started selling more, having the two shops and two names didn't feel right - i wanted to consolidate into one name.  i was also feeling really inspired by lots of women who have successfully "branded" themselves online, and are now a one-woman shop/internet personality/business. i can do that! i thought. but i can't have two different names.

anyway, long story short, i decided to do an overhaul and re-brand my projects under Lost Boys + Lovers. this is when I launched my website, and switched all my vintage and handmade over to the Lost Boys + Lovers shop. This was in September last year, just over one year ago. the switch was great...unexpectedly, though, we decided to move shortly after that. which meant i had to go into moving mode, uprooting my office and studio, uprooting my life. to make things worse, i got very very sick in December during this move, which meant my energetic resources were not as they should have been, and so the winter consumed my very being. that winter was a pretty dark time for me, and i'm hoping to blog about it sometime, but not in this post. the main point is, I closed my shop for three months and was hardly online at all because there was too much to be moved, and no internets up in them hills where we lived. 

But! finally, at last, things began to grow once again and i was able to plant small seeds of love and intention into my business. this was late spring of this year. not that long ago, i guess. it was hard at first, to essentially start from scratch. why did i leave my old blog? i asked myself. what does branding even mean to me? but, determined to stay the course i chose, i worked and worked (and continue working) on Lost Boys + Lovers, trying to make it truly mine, something that looks like my heart. 

from a promo shoot for my first-ever LB+L event (photo by Erin Lizardo)

Now, in this month and in this point in time, i am finally starting to feel good about the blog and the name/branding adventure. i still miss sadieDeluxe. i think sadieDeluxe felt like me, and Lost Boys + Lovers feels more like a business, a separate thing. turns out i like being me better than i like being a brand name. so, like i said, the task at hand now is to fuse mySELF into my brand name. 

Lost Boys + Lovers - the name - came from my heart, so at least there is that. I know that this whole project and  "brand," etc., is something borne from my true self. and it continues to evolve. that is what i love about being a one-woman business. as i evolve, my business evolves with me...there are no rules that i have to stick to, and i don't have to let someone else limit me. 

pee stop in the Columbia Gorge during The Gold-Hearted Thief shoot

i think sometimes i have fear that i have to stay inside the Lost Boys + Lovers box in order to be Lost Boys + Lovers, but actually, it's my own box, so that doesn't mean anything.

above all, i want to thank any and all of you who have been with me on part or all of this journey. it really means a lot. blogging has connected me to a multitude of amazing, valuable women who i treasure in my life - both online and off. this long process of creative and personal growth has been delightful and challenging and i'm grateful to have this outlet to help me with it. 

anyone who knows me knows i will always be sadiedeluxe. that's so me.  but i can extend my reach and my capacity, as long as i am true to my heart.

 i hope some of this makes sense to all of you. i'm so glad we are here, together. what an amazing journey it is. 



  1. thanks for sharing this part of your life and business - it's something i imagine we all go through in this weird online world of marketing ourselves... it's nice to know leaders like you go through the same things.

    both are awesome names. you are an awesome lady.

  2. this is a true open up. i think whatever you will do, it is you. Wonderfull you. Wish you everything going just better and better. and I have to say - I visit for a first time now and I have to write - you have an amazing body :)
    warm greetings!

  3. it is such an honor to read this intimate glimpse of your process and you are also such an inspiration. i will continue to take notes from you, and am keenly interested in your process of fusing self into business. i am trying to do the same as a therapist with the watchdog of the BBS over me. it's tough, and i get it, you've expressed yourself perfectly. let me know how i can be of support to you. xo

  4. wonderful! and lost boys and lovers is seriously an awesome name!

  5. It's good to embrace our personal evolutions. It's what makes us "us" and helps us grow as business owners and as humans :) Thank you for sharing your story <3 You're inspiring and I can't wait to read more!

  6. I've always thought that it'd be really difficult to have any kind of "professional" online presence. When you blog you want to/have to be personal, yet if it's also your livelihood some of the spontaneity and honesty must be sacrificed in favor of "your brand". Such an interesting process. I feel like you do a good job of it. I'm interested to see how this blog evolves and hope to continue to visit "the real you" as well as your "professional" self here.

  7. I remember SadieDelux!
    I understand when you say you have fear the box to be your prison, but really everything is in your hands...
    Good luck with your new brand - by the way I love the name :)

  8. Yep, I was a SadieDeluxe fan too. I got two of my favorite dresses from you! I think there are plenty of professional well-branded blogs out there that are great if you're looking to shop all the time but don't really satisfy what I come to blogs for. The marketing thing seems so hard, just has the potential to take all the joy out of a blog. Maybe one way to balance is by having a really active lively Etsy shop and putting the marketing effort into taking product photos and posting things and then letting the blog be your own thing? Some of the Etsy shops where I find good stuff don't even have blogs, I just find them searching for key words.

    But that's just a peanut gallery comment. I like the way you are thinking about it, which is How do I make this a place that I'm happy with? That seems like the right thing!


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