the wild wild winds

life has been moving swiftly in this late-summer moment, suddenly the air and earth are more ripe with autumn, more gold with its promise. i've been here and there...most recently escaped quickly and quietly to the bay area for foggy beach adventures and delicious restaurants, late mornings and luscious flowers.

i actually enjoyed being able to bundle up in jeans and jacket, boots and blankets and sit in such a different climate. california is so incredible. my corner of california is so different than this one.

it's difficult to catch up on ones internetting when one takes a few days off! amazing. my mind is full of ideas and lists - things to make, things to shift, things to write, ways to thrive. 

this guy is back-to-school tomorrow, so that's my most important project, and then hopefully back to my land of vintage and creations and blogging with all of YOU.

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  1. I'm right with you Sadie! Back to school time tomorrow which means quiet moments for me to be able to explore, reconnect, create, and share.


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