a few cute new photos in the shop... i have lots more but i'm leaving for a little vacation to lake tahoe and i'll have to post them when i return. i'm into the kimono prayer photo. it was more of an accident than anything, but i like how it turned out. 

modeling for myself is a new challenge that i've undertaken this year - i used to always hire models, but now that i live out in the middle of nowhere, it's easier to just do it myself. well, it's easier in terms of scheduling and driving, that is. taking several hundred photos of myself with the self-timer, changing outfits, and trying to look good through it all is really really hard!! so many shout-outs right now to all the ladies who model for their own shops. dang. 

i take all my photos outside (thank you, summertime) - and today it was a good 100 degrees out, maybe more, which added another dimension of challenge to the shoot. my camera and i both got too hot at right about the same time....other hazards of my new modeling approach may or may not include:

  • lots of wasps cruising by my head
  • tiny boys with facepaint trying to "photobomb" my shots (where did he learn about photobombing anyway??)
  • lazy dogs at my feet

and yes, that shirt does have a skeleton riding a chopper and says "bone to be wild."

follow me on instagram for tahoe updates, otherwise i'll see ya here next week. 


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