here are some photos from the aforementioned Bohemian Collective lookbook - these photos feature my stuff for those of you who didn't want to flip though the many wondrous pages of the lookbook. featured here are my hand-painted longhorn earrings and my beloved harnesses.

photography: Katelyn Demidow
model: Laura Mazurek
for: The Bohemian Collective


Autumn Moon - The Bohemian Collective

The Bohemian Collective lookbook is live! It is a gigantic and amazing collection of images - lots of style inspiration to be had. You can see my products on pages 87-89; and 97-199. 

big thank-yous to Laura and all the women involved in this. 




next week the Fall Lookbook from The Bohemian Collective will be released...I'm really excited! Laura is a creative superwoman and has put all of this together - i'm thrilled to be  a part of it and can't wait to see the results. she posted this photocollage as a sneak preview on Friday. 

also, i'm moving a bunch of summer items to my sale section and marking them 50% off. cheap! it's amazing how time flies and now it's time to make room for sweaters and boots, the beloved fall/winter staples.

finally, thanks to everyone who left such supportive comments on my creative post the other day. it's nice to feel inspired to write more.


nathalie kelley is heartbreakingly beautiful. she is my latest internet crush and i absolutely must share. 

nathalie kelley by neil krug:

(found via nathalie's tumblr,

nathalie kelley for daughter of the sun:


once, i loved you

it is dark out and i am the only one up, blogging from my mama's house while she and Asher both sleep. i have the sliding glass door open and the night time mountain air seeps quietly into the house. it is so beautiful here. my mom lives on the north shore of lake tahoe, in the town where i grew up for most of my childhood. it is amazing to return as an adult - to appreciate the beauty of this land in an entirely different way than when i was a kid. back then, it was...well, it was my foundation. i took it for granted because it was granted to me as a home and as a vast playland for endless adventure. this is not to say that i didn't know. this is not to say that i wasn't drawn to the crystal turquoise shores every day. i was. it was my daily bread. i breathed it without even thinking about it.

back then, there was no where else to be but the lake. daily and nightly we flocked there, running through sand, climbing over granite boulders, dipping toes, immersing bodies, sleeping in piles of each other-ness on rocky shores until a quiet, quiet dawn awoke us. all of my first loves are stories that are written in the language of the lake. the sandy beaches and big rocks are where we met, where we gathered, where we cried, kissed, loved and promised. we laughed here and we wrote here, we drank here and we smoked here. the sky (in her many colors) always curved perfectly around the water - both  entities reflected a deep and chilling clarity that was hard to find anywhere but there.

it's quite romantic, really. it's nice to be here remembering all of these things. (nostaligia is one of my favorite pasttimes). now i am here with my son, who is nearly 8 years old, and i look back at that time in awe and wonder (ah, youth!) and i marvel once again at how a space can hold an entire era - how a space can define a time, keep it there like a fossil for us to look at, turning it over gently in our hands, breathless at the particular preservation of what has passed.

i met up with my best friend from that bygone era, who i have not actually seen in many years, though we remain (of course) bonded in each other's hearts and memories. our love for each other was young and fierce, and it was the driving force behind many adventures that combined the lake and love.  she was my first love - this much i know. this place reminds me so much of her, and of us. we sat together and tried to catch up (so many years to put into words) - we spoke of our lives and i saw then, how our friendship is locked in the lake, too. frozen in the aforementioned fossil of that time. (so far away; so close to here.

she returned to me a copy of The Prophet that i loaned her nearly 15 years ago. i find this very auspicious, as no one has "given" me a copy of this book in ages, and perhaps, if she had not done so, i would not feel inspired to read it again - as i should, and as i now will. 


"but you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped or tamed....and though of magnificence and splendour, your house shall not hold your secret nor shelter your longing. for that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the sliences of night."

-kahlil gibran, the prophet

photo source. i wanted to post this one, but flickr wouldn't let me. 



a few cute new photos in the shop... i have lots more but i'm leaving for a little vacation to lake tahoe and i'll have to post them when i return. i'm into the kimono prayer photo. it was more of an accident than anything, but i like how it turned out. 

modeling for myself is a new challenge that i've undertaken this year - i used to always hire models, but now that i live out in the middle of nowhere, it's easier to just do it myself. well, it's easier in terms of scheduling and driving, that is. taking several hundred photos of myself with the self-timer, changing outfits, and trying to look good through it all is really really hard!! so many shout-outs right now to all the ladies who model for their own shops. dang. 

i take all my photos outside (thank you, summertime) - and today it was a good 100 degrees out, maybe more, which added another dimension of challenge to the shoot. my camera and i both got too hot at right about the same time....other hazards of my new modeling approach may or may not include:

  • lots of wasps cruising by my head
  • tiny boys with facepaint trying to "photobomb" my shots (where did he learn about photobombing anyway??)
  • lazy dogs at my feet

and yes, that shirt does have a skeleton riding a chopper and says "bone to be wild."

follow me on instagram for tahoe updates, otherwise i'll see ya here next week. 



Popoja Designs

a few weeks ago, i posted some behind-the-scenes photos from a photoshoot we did for a friend's jewelry line. formerly known as Adorn by Mari, these photos are part of Mari's re-launch under her new design name - Popoja. we've been working on a very simple website for her (check it out!) where you can see all the photos from her lookbook as well as other pictures of her designs.

everything is still a bit of a work in progress, but i think it looks beautiful and i am personally a huge fan of Mari's work. i feel that her jewelry holds a lot of mysticism in it. Popoja has a brand new facebook page as well, so follow there if you feel like it. for now, enjoy the photos. xo

photography: Melanie MacTavish
model: Leandra McNeal, Gracey Alexander
styling: Lost Boys + Lovers
jewelry: Popoja


prayer position

i know i probably posted this photo of me last year when it first came out, but i still love it and Gather Jewelry just got some new biz cards printed. rad. photo by Social Form Design. California dream team to the max.


Hipporacle does it again

i'm finding a whole lot of inspiring worlds online in which to lose myself lately. this explosive generation of (female) creation and expression through the instant-connection of the internet is incredibly fascinating and thrilling. Fox Marie over at H I P P O R A C L E is one of my favorites to follow on instagram, and in addition to being a Texan barista, she's a wild-hearted creatress with vast vision that she manages to convey through her compelling photoshoots (the full shoots she usually posts on her blog, which i linked to above). do it, girl:


William Miller - Ruined Polaroids

completely enchanted by the Ruined Polaroids photoproject by William Miller. photographs are so thrilling to me in their endless incarnations, possibilities, and projections. how they can, arguably, capture a moment "as it was," but at the same time they can capture a moment so not as it was. a frozen slice of a moment can be limitless in its ultimate definition and emotional evocation. these, though, are less about captured moments and more about mystic creations. i love them. they look like places i want to visit.