Medicine & Headdress

earlier this year, my friend Mariah modeled for a lookbook that we shot on a snowy day up in Portland, OR. some of the jewelry in the lookbook was from her own line, Medicine & Headdress. in the past few months, she's gotten her website up and her business has come to life. these photos were taken by Amanda Smith with Mariah as the model, though i'm not sure if they are for Amanda's Sugarhigh & Lovestoned or for Medicine & Headdress...i love them, thought you might enjoy them, too. 

these photos i took from the Medicine & Headdress website. love!


  1. Absolutely STUNNING! love the jewels, the clothing, photography etc etc. Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  2. Beautiful photos! they're just stunning, what a place too <3

  3. goorgeous photos! Lovely!


  4. oh my gosh girl. these shots are so amazing they make my heart sing. Especially the one of the foot hills and the field. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


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