friday i'm in love

WOW i have been off the blog circuit for a minute (summer beckons) and i just found these gorgeous photos of Laura wearing her Lost Boys & Lovers leather harness. i think she looks so beautiful, i love seeing people style my harnesses. 

she writes, "Putting on one of these harnesses makes you feel like an instant bad-ass.  I'm not kidding.  There is something about them that just gives you like on old west don't-cross-me kind of feel."

I think she's right - what great words. one of my favorite things about these harnesses is that they make women stand up straighter and taller, they hug your curves and shoulders with such certainty that as you wear one, you cannot help but be - well - more certain. 
on top of seeing these photos today, i also saw that Mary won my fringe bag giveaway! how exciting to send off a treasured piece to such a treasured woman. once again, the alchemic blogosphere astounds me. 

happy friday, everyone...if you haven't yet, follow me on Facebook or instagram for real-time updates and photos; i love keeping in touch everywhere, i really do. all my links are over on the right in the sidebar. big summery weekend blessings to all. xo

first two photos courtesy of Violet Bella


  1. wa huh? yay!!!!! we're on vacation, so i'm hardly on the internet...saw that you updated, and i LOVE peeking in on you, and lo and behold...

    i am SO stoked! i am in that decompression period of a vacation where things can feel not-so-fun...this is the BEST pick me up. thank you sadie and laura! i'll pop on over to ms. badass now. (you need no better poster child for your harnesses than that chica.)

    and i too, am ever thankful for the magical weaving of the interwebs. much love to you sadie...keep on enjoying your summer bliss. xoxo

  2. oh lucky lucky ducky! that bag is gorgeous!

  3. oh and I know I owe you an email and much more, call me sometime if you still have free long-distance on your plan? nights are good except monday I'm out. But sunday, tuesday?

  4. laura makes everything look good. she has such a knack for pulling an outfit together.


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