the color of summer

soon, it will be my birthday. on august 1, i will turn 30 years old. finally! at last! having a baby when i was 22 often made it seem as though i was 35 all through my 20s, and now as i finally approach my third decade, it seems unsurprising - expected. but my birthday, august 1, has always seemed to me to be the very heart of summer. the zenith. the peak of it all. it is not early summer, but it is not yet deep summer. it is the very moment where the two change places. on my birthday the sun seems to change a bit, the radiant light of summer shifts ever so slightly and on the wind you can smell it - the first undercurrent of a distant autumn. this is precisely what has always made my birthday feel so special to me. don't you understand? i would think to myself as a girl. my birthday marks the exact cosmic midpoint of summer! i am a child born from the heart of summer! 

we should all as children be blessed with this certainty of our own magic.

in harmony with this season of fiery hearts, the sunsets have been beyond epic here and cast a reddish-golden light on all the trees and walls around my house. every day i am amazed.  and of course, there is the golden tomato harvest. these guys came up in droves as volunteers in my veggie beds, so i have a lot of them.

Milla, as she often does, says it best:

"and now, it's high summer, the languid, manic, strawberry kissed high-summer.  And from here on out, it will last forever." 




friday i'm in love

WOW i have been off the blog circuit for a minute (summer beckons) and i just found these gorgeous photos of Laura wearing her Lost Boys & Lovers leather harness. i think she looks so beautiful, i love seeing people style my harnesses. 

she writes, "Putting on one of these harnesses makes you feel like an instant bad-ass.  I'm not kidding.  There is something about them that just gives you like on old west don't-cross-me kind of feel."

I think she's right - what great words. one of my favorite things about these harnesses is that they make women stand up straighter and taller, they hug your curves and shoulders with such certainty that as you wear one, you cannot help but be - well - more certain. 
on top of seeing these photos today, i also saw that Mary won my fringe bag giveaway! how exciting to send off a treasured piece to such a treasured woman. once again, the alchemic blogosphere astounds me. 

happy friday, everyone...if you haven't yet, follow me on Facebook or instagram for real-time updates and photos; i love keeping in touch everywhere, i really do. all my links are over on the right in the sidebar. big summery weekend blessings to all. xo

first two photos courtesy of Violet Bella


Medicine & Headdress

earlier this year, my friend Mariah modeled for a lookbook that we shot on a snowy day up in Portland, OR. some of the jewelry in the lookbook was from her own line, Medicine & Headdress. in the past few months, she's gotten her website up and her business has come to life. these photos were taken by Amanda Smith with Mariah as the model, though i'm not sure if they are for Amanda's Sugarhigh & Lovestoned or for Medicine & Headdress...i love them, thought you might enjoy them, too. 

these photos i took from the Medicine & Headdress website. love!


monday, monday

hello my loves. thank you to all the kind ladies who entered my giveaway and/or shared it on the internet. i really appreciate all of you very much. the winner is comment #6 - my dear internet friend Alex Keller. Alex, please email me with your mailing address when you get a chance. 

also, this week i am hosting yet another giveaway over at Violet Bella - i'm giving away a custom fringe purse and a pair of earrings. bohemian bliss. head over there if you want to enter.

in other news, i posted a lot of cute new stuff in the shop yesterday, and i will be back this week with a more exciting blog update. today i've already made breakfast for Asher plus a batch of pickles from my garden...and this past week i have had not one but TWO bats fly into my house, which i am choosing to take as a sign of good fortune. serious farmlife adventures. xo


side by side

last month, Amber posted a selection of photos from her shop as a solstice lookbook. these photos capture so perfectly the dreaminess that is the northern california summer. this is, truly, the golden state. here i'm posting some of the photos interspersed with various lines pulled from the poetry and love letters in my archives. 

(all photos by Simon Weller, via Violet Folklore)


you are the mirror of a thousand stories I've kept in my heart since eternity.

 we will recharge and re-align, find new light in hidden corners and find new ways to illuminate with the light that is already here.  

I am astounded still; I am a flicker of light in your sun-kissed eye, I am the beating of your heart, I am the breeze licking your shoulder while you sleep.

 and with that, I send you my own blessings and my own love.  The roots push deeper into the earth with every setting of the sun, and my heart unfolds her wings.   


read about my Poetry Project here 


Midsummer Giveaway!

a giveaway!
as promised, i'm going to give away a pair of earrings here on the blog this week in celebration of movement and momentum. summer is not as intense as spring, i think, in terms of metaphorical movement, but it is such a ripe season - the season of fruit and fullness. it is the season of rivers, which are (in and of themselves) one of the worlds grandest metaphors for movement and flow. do you live near a river? i just found out that the particular ridge i live on lies between (almost exactly) the Feather River and the Yuba River. i am equidistant from them both, and they both entail a fair amount of driving to get to. but one must always find the rivers. i was lucky enough to grow up on one of the most beautiful lakes (Lake Tahoe) around, and so i grew up with crystal water at my feet. all the time. where shall we go? was never a question - we were always at the lake. 

so then, this giveaway is in honor of summer and water, of ripening and growth. to enter this giveaway, please follow this blog, and leave a comment below. you may get one extra entry for tweeting/blogging/facebooking/etc., about this giveaway. in that case, please leave another comment that you did so. 

i will select a random winner on sunday, july 15th. so entries close at 5 pm that day. please enter and tell your friends! thank you for being here! thank you for being part of this wonderful mess that is the interwebs!


the Hopi Prophecy

this was recently shared with me, and i wanted to pass it on to those who want to hear it also.


"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.  And there are things to be considered . . .
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
 What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

    "There is a river flowing now very fast.  It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.  They will try to hold on to the shore.   They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly. 
    "Know the river has its destination.  The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water.   And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.  At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves.  For the moment that we do,  our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. 
    "The time for the lone wolf is over.  Gather yourselves!  Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. 
    "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

-- attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder
Hopi Nation
Oraibi, Arizona


 while I was looking online for some additional information about these words, i was led to lots of early 1900s photos of the Hopi women's magnificent hairstyles (unmarried women wore their hair in these butterfly whorls). 


this photo, and this search also led me to see that on June 29th, The Autry in LA opened a year-long exhibit called Katsina in Hopi Life: "Katsina in Hopi Life, featuring remarkable Katsina dolls from the Autry’s Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection, provides a glimpse into Hopi life and culture. Katsinam (the plural form of Katsina) are spiritual beings who represent all aspects of life and travel to be with the Hopi people six months of the year. Told from the Hopi perspective, this exhibition shares the unique relationship the Hopi people have with the Katsinam, focusing on the values, lessons, and encouraging messages learned from them." 

if you live in LA, it might be worth checking out. 



just a few that i've pulled from the depths of tumblr, etc., lately. 

p.s. i've been listing jewelry in the shop....more to come, plus i'm going to give away some earrings here on monday. xo



finally, finally, finally - i've made some more jewelry . as i've mentioned, my winter this past year was all about moving. packing and unpacking, uprooting and re-rooting. cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. and rest. a lot of rest was needed with all of that. packing up and moving my tremendous craft room was challenging; and, as with any move, i let a lot of things go. my new craft room is smaller, but it is nonetheless a craft room and it is mine. i have finally hung my inspirational pieces from my walls and windows, and i have organized my components so that they can be found when i need them. 

once this was all done, i lifted my box of jewelry-making supplies from its shelf and, at long last, opened it. 


you see, a big theme right now (for me, at least) is movement. keep it moving. move forward. choose wisely; own your choices. to paraphrase another quote i heard this week, "whatever you are capable of - begin it." it is my personal challenge to always be aware of which cosmic theme is threading itself through my life in each moment - some are fleeting, and some are more long-lasting. beyond simply being aware of the themes, it is also my duty to honor them and to activate them.

so you see, it is not that i am necessarily so pleased with actually having these earrings and necklaces in my hands; rather, it is the fact that i made them that thrills me. activation.

it's also funny, because after having gotten rid of so much stuff, and then having not actually used my stuff in months, a lot of my materials reminded me of "the past." they are all pieces and parts that i gathered sort of a while ago, now, and while they are beautiful, i can tell that what i am gathering now will be different...everything is always changing slightly. perhaps you can relate to the moment wherein you realize that one thing in your closet that used to define you - was your prize garment - it fit you perfectly and helped you express your heart - and suddenly you realize you haven't worn it in a year. and then, maybe two years. and then you think, "is it time to let it go? really??"

to celebrate summer and sacred movement, i am going to giveaway lots of my jewelry this month. here on my own blog i'll give away some earrings next week, and then i have some giveaways planned later in the month on other blogs, too. i'm very excited to be making stuff and i'm very excited also to send it out to all of you. xo


red white and blue

i am spending today hiding out in my forested hideaway (home) and avoiding all the hot messy mayhem of the 4th. but i will probably make some bbq chicken and drink some beers in the sun. however, in the spirit of things, here is a red/white/blue treasury that someone made today featuring my high-waisted jeans.

on another note, i finally broke out my jewelry-making supplies again (they had been shelved since the move) and got to work. what a relief/release. i'll post some pics tomorrow.


the magic oracle jar

over the past few months, Asher had been asking me for a Magic 8 Ball. my standard response for requests like these is that i will get him one if he can find it at a thrift store. like most magical children with thrift-savvy genetics, he usually manages to manifest his desires on a thrift store shelf in due time (like the time he found strap on skis and poles for $1!!). the magic 8 ball still hadn't surfaced, however, and so he took matters into his own hands and created a homemade version which he called his "magic oracle jar." 

he came up with the idea and concept all on his own, and asked the man of the house to cut him a cube of wood to write the "answers" on. i was, (as a loving mother, of course) entirely impressed with his invention and creation of something he wanted, and i was thrilled that he took it into his own hands to make an otherwise junky and plastic toy into something so cool and low-impact. (also: in the first photo, you can see his DIY felt-tip marker zombie makeup. sigh).

i wanted to share this for the cuteness factor AND for any other kids that want to make their own oracle jars. this one was disassembled after a few days because we didn't seal the wooden cube with anything, and so it began to get waterlogged. however, the only materials he used were a mason jar, the wooden cube, water, and paper for the label. and of course, the ever-trusty sharpie.


oh how i love thee

so many pretty new things in the shop! i am almost all the way used to being my own model finally, although i miss the days of photographing pretty girls in my garage. mais, c'est la vie and it is good to roll with the changes as they come. here are a few photos of my favorite pieces right now. 



early last week i helped a girlfriend organize and direct a photoshoot for her jewelry line. as with all photoshoots i do, it ended up being a really fun group of women getting together to produce something really beautiful and creative. this particular shoot was interesting because none of the other girls had met each other before, and everything flowed smoothly and was wonderfully efficient (the best). 

local (to Chico) photographer Melanie MacTavish graced us with her talents and produced some really gorgeous shots. Melanie looks like a fairy (in a really good way) and has eyes that look like they grew out of a glacial spring. so amazing. she is also very talented (always a wonderful combination - magic eyes and earthly talent) and it was the first time i've ever worked with her. i'm so glad i did! she was so professional and i love her photos - i can't wait to work with her again. i'm always impressed with anyone who can take good jewelry shots - i personally find them kind of difficult. here are some photos from our morning shooting in the park, and later this week i will post some of the final photos.

this last photo is a picture of some of the millions of tiny, motherfucking burrs that attached themselves in tiny armies to our feet, legs, and my beautiful silk dresses. some of them even managed to climb their way up to our underwear.  i learned a powerful lesson in patience (picking said burrs out of said silk), and also a powerful lesson that i will share with the rest of you: don't wear silk dresses in Upper Bidwell Park right now. omg.