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sometimes, it seems as though my life is exactly as it should be. i spend long hours with tea and food, watering my garden, laying in the sun. i read lots of books, almost as many as i did as a girl. i sit with asher; i watch him walking, balancing for hours on rocks. i walk around our house and property exploring; each day i find something new (in the plant world) that i didn't know was there: onions, chamomile, parsley, peaches. there are blackberries and figs and mulberries also. and snakes. thousands of lizards. the other day we drove down a neighboring road to find a secret spot on the lake, and on that side of the hill the terrain seemed so different, even more lush than where we are. there were more figs and blackberries; i am determined to find local elderberry trees to harvest somewhere in the area, though i haven't yet. 

i found a small bit of chamomile growing right in the front yard - i just noticed it the other day. does anyone have any tips on making it grow more and bigger next year?

roses in bloom. beautiful, soft, peachy, amazing roses. 

a small bit of wild mint that i planted and then harvested. i've been mixing it with red raspberry leaf tea and drinking it daily.


like i said, i've been reading a lot. i just finished Solar Storms - which i picked up at the thrift store, remembering that it had been assigned to me in one of my native american literature classes in college. i am so glad i re-read it. i hardly remembered any of it, and it is a stunning and (of course) heartbreaking story, written with stunning imagery. it tells about the indigenous people in the Great Lakes area in the 1970s when they were protesting industrial dam "progress." (the river cannot be moved). woven through the story are also smaller stories of community and love, animal spirits, earth spirits. i highly recommend it. 

inspired by a new friend, and because i have been reading so much lately, i'm going to chronicle what i read on my blog and file it over there in the labels under "what i'm reading."

if any of you follow me on instagram, you have seen these photos already. Bre over at Scout & Catalogue noted that she felt a bit like instagram takes the wind out of her blogging sails sometimes...but i know that some of you aren't on there, and i am still deep in the thrill of the instant-instagram documentation.


  1. Sounds like the good life! All though living in the city is good, reading about your life in and around nature put things in perspective. Good luck on finding the elderberries!

  2. lovely. and i found chamomile too! hahaha too funny! i sort of just popped mine into good soil heaped with lots of compost. we'll see.

    have you read Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver? I think you'd like it a lot.

  3. Yes! I've been lagging in my reading lately and would love the inspiration. I'm so happy you're active out here again and so so so happy I got to see you, lovely girl.


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